3 Golden Points to Deal With Unconsciousness.

Let me start with the cute cartoon that can teach you about unconsciousness so well. I just think of the one of the episodes on Powerpuff Girls. (Laugh) I remember that there is the colourful clown who love to make the Townsville cheerful and lovely. Everyone loves him, of course, until he faced the accident that turns him black and white. He turns devils that he uses the black magic to make the town black and white. Bubble, one of the power puff girls. tries to paint everything to be colourful with her crayon but she failed. Thus, she plays music with her girls. Then the town and even the clown become colourful again. After the music ends, the clown shows up himself and try to entertain everyone. However, Buttercup punches him, put him in to the jail with black and white and say “color or black&white…you are the same person”

I wish you can see my point. Many people usually use their unconsciousness to be the reason to do anything that are not healthy and natural. For example, if the drunken drivers crush people on the crossing road, can they give their reason…”hey I am just unconscious…please forgive me” but

Stop blaming on your unconsciousness.

No matter you are unconscious or conscious, you are the only one who think, feel and act.

Sigmund Freud always says that boot unconsciousness and consciousness can influence behaviour. Oh, so should we always throw the responsibility to all of the unconsciousness acts?

No Some psychologists are against him that there is no such thing like the unconsciousness. It is is just the state that person keep running away from the truth. Run and deny what is really happen to him. Try to repress it. It must be so painful that he cannot face it one by one. Thus, they suggest that

you must be courage to face what is really in front of you…both joy and pain.

At least, that will make you “real”. Whatever is real will help you grow up to be unique.

If you ask me about this, unconsciousness and consciousness are the quality of what you do. The consciousness has its level. Classifying as unconsciousness and consciousness will make you misunderstand that they are opposite but actually no.

To raise the consciousness is simple. Use, all of your five senses. Realze what you touch. Realize what you hear. Realize what you see. Realize what you smell. Realize what you taste. Just “know”. Know that it exists in front of you.

Know that it comes to you. Know that is pass to you.

No more multitasking. That is proved to be dangerous to your brain.

Unconsciousness is just the zero consciousness. You just realise what you think, feel and act to increase the consciousness. Blaming the unconsciousness is useless. Just increase the consciousness.


      1. I’d say that one is always responsible for one’s actions, regardless whether committed consciously or subconsciously; point is: how many people do recognise this? 🙂

        On the other hand, consciousness is not related to the so-called five senses alone, i.e. the material world. But much more so to the realities of the spiritual word, even is those realities can neither be touched, smelled or tasted. Nevertheless, they exist just the same.

        And just, because one may have something “real” in front of him, which can be touched etc, etc., doesn’t necessarily mean it constitutes truth as well and, therefore, could be “known”, as you expressed it.

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        1. Thank you for this comment.

          How many people do recognise this?

          To be straight, it is not my serious concern on other people. If only i realise this point, that is enough to be responsible for my action, and if others read this post and realise this point, that will be awesome. If they don’t, fine.

          That is why I post this just to share this point.

          Of course I agree on next point. Thank you for telling me this. Yes, consciousness is not related to the so-called five senses alone as you mentioned. For example, real communication happens in silence. So many more experience that 5 senses cannot reach.

          For the last point. Just being “known” is enough. Sometime we just have meal but don’t realise its taste. That is a pity.
          To reach the truth, in my opinion, just to know something is better than to gain knowledge about it. You cannot be full if you don’t eat but just read menu. That is what I mean.

          Thank you for your sincere comment. It is worthwhile for my blog indeed. :))

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