3 Lessons to experience Death in Meditation

That is what I realised in the morning while I was going to wake up. Last year, I faced the trouble sleeping quite often i guess because of insomnia. Here is the great suggestion. If you cannot sleep, meditate. Both sleeping and meditation don’t need your effort. Both are relaxation and you don’t need any effort to relax. That is contradiction.

Here is what I have found recently from breathing in and out but before that, let me explain you about Death.

Death is fearful for everyone. No one wants to die. Life’s value cannot be computed from your calculator. There are so many economists and financiers who try to do that but like the Oscar Wilde said people know the price of everything but the value of nothing.

Death is something very beautiful from human. It helps you rejuvenate your sole. Thinking of your house. If it becomes so old that it can ruin someday, you and your family may plan to move to another newer and stronger one. Death is exactly the same case for your house. Your body grows too old to carry your very young soul.

Death just invite you to the new and fresh body. It also helps you to avoid the unnecessary suffering from immortality.

Death know that you will be depressed when you could not talk to the very next generation friendly when you are immortal.

Problem that most fear is that death will take everything from you. Money, car, beautiful cloths or even your beloved people. None is life to you. You cannot bring them for you next life (if you believe that) That is the deprivation that they fear. Death always brings deprivations, so they fear death too.

The point is that you didn’t really fear death.

You fear deprivation.

To deal with the deprivation, detach!

and I found how to practice detachment simply through breathing in and out.

Breathe in slowly and deeply

When you cannot breathe in further, you taste the death experience.

then breathe out slowly and deeply

When you cannot breathe out further,

you taste the death experience.

Personally, I love breathing out. I could feel the separateness between my existence and my body somehow. That is why I say you can practice detachment through meditation to deal with the detachment that death gives you.

Here is the warning. Don’t attach to your breathing. It is just the trick to watch your mind. However, someday you have to drop your breathing. Of course, you can no longer breath when you are dead, so to understand death, drop your breath. I mean..detach it.

No matter you keep breathing or not, be the watcher. Be the witness of all what you do even pass away. When you are watcher, you aren’t dead. Your ego is dead. You body has never belonged to you. There is no need to detach.

Meditation will definitely help you understand this but you need to be courage to go inside yourself, to the journey without map.


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