The very short way to understand creative destruction

There are 2 kinds of people.

People who want to change

and people who don’t want to change.

The people, who want to change,

consider the situations around them

as very bad

or already good

but not enough.

These people are creative.

They invent many things

like smartphone, social network and crowdsourcing

to make life much more convenient.

These awesome inventions

shall not be pleased

for the people who don’t want to change

or even against change.


not only bring trouble

for the old-fashioned people

but also for the people

who invented old-fashioned things.

The old-fashioned inventors

will lose all of their benefits

due to the better inventions,

so they will fight against change.

and this is the creative destruction.

The old will be destroyed

by the better one.

For many centuries,

the people who want change

have finally always won.

They know how to destroy the old one and create the new one

while the people who are against change knows only how to destroy

or protect the cause for creating the new one.

The people who knows only how to destroy will lose.

The people who knows how to destroy and create will win.

Look at your life, you have the power of creativity and destruction.

Creativity is simply explained. No one can be born without sex. Some may look sex as the dirty talk. That is because they don’t take this issue seriously. Sex is the source of creativity. It helps human give birth of so many people, and I haven’t seen the people who are so exactly same! They are all unique.

To be honest, individual is the creative masterpiece thanks to sex. You are so unique that you are incomparable.

You cannot be better than me. You cannot be worse than me. Ridiculously, you cannot even be equal to me.

That is the power of creativity inside human.

Destruction is the aggressiveness in human being. Like I said before, people who resist change will find the way to stop anythings that affect to their lives. Their lives are settled already. There is no need to change. Thus, they think of destroying the creative thing. Destroy, Destruct, Demolish…these are actions of the egocentric. However, they one who will not change will be destroyed by the creativity sooner or later.

That is the creative destruction.

The old one will be replaced by the new one.

It comes, exists, and goes. Always.


  1. Life goes on… there is no escape from change. Change is the only constant thing in life. The more we go with the flow of life the easier life flows for us…. Great post, Jade. Wonderful examples.

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  2. But is “change” always a good thing? Or is it that both comes with their benefits and disadvantages?

    For example, I remember growing up and not having much. Coming from a third country gave me something different though: a sense of existence that no form of technology would ever be able to replace, for example.

    I think the way to view “change” is to see it as a tradeoff so not to ignore the benefits of both: the old and the new.

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    1. First, I am sorry I reply late and thank you for your high quality comment.

      No, we don’t ignore the old things that are still necessary. For example, we still need the wheels for the car. Believe it? Wheels were invented since prehistoric age, and we use them until now.

      However, it can be challenged that wheels are no longer be necessary. It could be considered as an assumption that “every car must have wheels” Here is the idea.

      Anythings could happen. I won’t resist both old and new. They are all welcomed. 🙂

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