Lessons in Discipline in Mindfulness Practice

There is the big difference between “student” and “disciple”. Student is the one who is studying and dying. Disciple is the one who learns with discipline. Mindfulness practice really needs the discipline. Imagine that there is someone holding the gun. The mind will automatically works to protect yourself from danger. It starts from warning you by interpreting him as the threat. That is why the negative thoughts occur first before you can understand the particular situation.

To understand something, you need time. 

To protect yourself from danger, you don’t need time. 

However, we need to understand before protect yourself, and mindfulness practice helps you. Practicing mindfulness is not religious. I would like to tell you this because there are so much priests and the spiritual practitioners go on this way first. You can practice it through various kind of meditation.

Here is the paradox of mindfulness practice. You practice to do nothing. It sounds absurd, right? Everyone can do nothing. However, how long that you can do nothing? Five seconds, three seconds or shorter than that. Many people cannot stay without doing anything. When you do nothing, the mind will tell you “you cannot achieve the mindfulness without doing anything. Go on, do something, so you can achieve it.”


To do nothing is the path and destination for mindfulness.

There is no way to be in silence if you aren’t silent.

Therefore, could you find the time to do nothing? and here comes the discipline. Discipline is the only things that you need. Unless you have discipline in meditation, you cannot understand situations before protect yourself from them. Starting from one minute per day them two minutes. three…four …. five and keep increasing as you wish. There is no better time to start than now.

To be able to understand the situations faster than protect yourself, you need to practice to do nothing. The result of practice cannot be visible in a second. Be the disciple that is with discipline.


  1. This is so true. As soon as we detach ourselves from the situation we are able to watch it and find a solution… and peace. We cannot see it as long as we are sitting in the midst of it. Also Wayne Dyer says: “You can’t solve a problme with the same mind that created it!” We need to do nothing and become the observer.

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    1. and that is the watcher who can see more things than that one who involves in the problem. The watcher understands why different people can see the same thing differently.

      As you said, we need to do nothing and become the observer.

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