The Best Definition of Meditation by Ikkyu

Ikkyu was the genius Zen master from Japan. When I was young, i love watching the cartoon about it. He is genius in solving trouble. Whenever he would like to find the solution, he always meditate. This is his life when he was just the novice of the temple.

After he became the master of the Zen Temple in Japan, there is the man who would like to learn about meditation. h became toward master Ikkyu.

“Please teach me what the meditation is. I would like to practice it.”

“Meditation is to pay attention.”

“Master, could you explain more what it is?“

“Meditation is to pay attention and attention.“

“Master, I am still confused. Please clarify more what the meditation is.“

“Meditation is to pay attention, attention and attention.“

“Master, I don’t really understand what you tried to explain to me. Could you tell me what the attention means.“

“attention means attention.“

You aren’t meditating

whenever you put effort to find definition of things.


  1. I like this but I’m still confused!! Don’t I need to know the meaning of something to consciously do it??
    Or is the purpose of meditation to be in an unconscious body whilst the mind is conscious?
    Smart people confuse me

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  2. I am so glad that you ask this question.

    Reason, she you try to define something, you have to think about the word.
    The word is the combination of sound and meaning.
    To be linguistic, sound cannot exist in silence.

    and I don’t think that the permutation of just 26 alphabets can define everything for example, feeling.

    Meditation will bring you to the utter silence, so you don’t need any definition.

    Hope my answer help you.


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