7 Tips for Merging ‘Mindfulness’ Into the Workplace


Plan for 30 minutes a week and let co-workers know you’ll be off the grid. Whether you use this time to get away to a more relaxed space or simply shut down the computer and close the office door is up to you.


participating as a group means you can sit quietly, laugh and discuss your insights together like what we do in this writing community.





Instead of immediately reacting by giving up or judging yourself for not reaching enlightenment, take a moment to just notice those thoughts. Tell yourself, “this is what impatience feels like.” Then return to your breath. Settling into a place within yourself that isn’t trying to become accomplished is one of the quickest ways of establishing your practice.




There are plenty of teachers who publish audio tracks at varying lengths but remember silence is the best teacher for meditation.




Close your eyes, and count 10 inhales and exhales through your nose and see what that does. Find a minute to give yourself at least three to five deep breaths. This is an immediate injection of calm for the mind.




Meditation contributes to a good night’s sleep, which does wonders to improve mood, creativity and overall well-being.



Try taking a daily 10-minute walk with a co-worker to clear your head and connect.


Sources: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/236989


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