The Only One Reason for Being Healthy

I found the one of the very interesting connections between religion, psychoanalysis and neuroscience this weekend.

You may heard about one of the well-known psychologists, Sigmund Freud. He invented the psychoanalysis and suggested that it be used to understand people (yet he has never used it for himself!)

Let me review the very basic. He told that there are three things that drive our behaviours.

Id the part that is all about the intrinsic drive.

Egothe part that tries to please the intrinsic drive (Id) in the reasonable ways.

SuperegoThe reality principles that the society has told us like beliefs, attitudes and manner. 

One who has the healthy ego will have the great mental health otherwise anxiety comes to you according to the theory.

and these definitions make me think of the Bible when Adam was told by the snake to eat apple that God prohibited not to have it.

You will see that psychology and Christ are related somehow (I once say that Bible is one of the best psychology books – if being read without ego)

That snake is the symbol of Id.

Adam is the human with ego.

and God is the symbol of the superego.

I know well that Adam was once in the crisis of making decision whether he should have the apple or not.

and according to the Bible, he had it, so God punished him. The bible tells you that the power of Id is powerful. Ridiculously, the bible teaches us that this is the reason human was born with sin and has to reconcile with God.

Great, let me explain the psychoanalysis with the different way, neurology. There is the great assumption from neurologist that in our brains, there are two main sectors that drive our behaviours.

MonitorThe one that always detect our interests around us.

Operator: The one that helps us turn us away from our interests after we have taught or instructed to do so.

Here is the point, you need “energy” so much for the operator but very few for the monitor because monitor is our instinct.

Do you see the connection between this concept and the psychoanalysis?

Yes, operator will take care of your superego and monitor will take care of your Id. 

Means that the more energy you have, the more you can utilise the operator to balance the intrinsic drive.

To do that, you have to exercise, sleep enough, have the healthy food, and meditate.

That is why the teaching in the Bible is ridiculous. You have never had sin since you were born! 

However, with the view of the neuroscience, the one who doesn’t take care of himself is the one who has sin because life is holiness itself. 

I question against psychology whether it will be disappear with the religion by the natural science like neurology, quantum physic (and meditation) or not. However, my final answer is  that psychology will exist for much more years. Many psychological theories could be explained so clearly that they could be forgotten. Nevertheless, psychology will exist not to be studied but to be applied to your life.

Take care of it very well, ok?


  1. Loooooooooooooooooooooove your post! This one has it all: deep insights, great connections, lots of laughs… God the superego hahah! So wonderful you point that out: We are not sinners! Really, that’s such an excellent post, Jade! Holy Joy, cheers!

    Liked by 1 person

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