Blog Tour Award 2016

Dear readers,

I am so appreciated on kindness from Author Erika Kind. Today, she nominated me in the blog tour award. Author Erika Kind is the writer about about all the beautiful things she is finally able to perceive things as they are with her pure eyes. I am confident that she loves to met lots of amazing, lovely and most inspiring people from all over the world.

She pass me 4 precious questions. Let me answer them all. ; )

1. What I am working at the moment?

You are reading my work. I write this blog, to share ideas about psychology and mindfulness with the simple and insightful quotes, articles, books, and comments you could enjoy

My goal is to support you to leverage your mind for honing your desiring skills, understand life more deeply and improve your mental health.

2. How does my work differ from others in my genre?

Rebellious, Insightful, Clear and little bit romance I think. Actually, the more you are yourself, the more different your works are from others. Everyone was born unique. No one will be exactly like you even if you were dead.

3. Why do I write and create what do I do?

(Laugh) Like I have replied one of comments in this blog so long ago, I don’t know, and I don’t have to know. Look at kids. They are dancing. If you ask them why they are dancing, you don’t make any senses. They have too much energy to dance. I guess I write with too much energy.

4. How does my writing and creative process work?

Normally, on every Monday is the writing day. Latest, I varied the theme of my writings each weekday. Psychology, Mindfulness, Book Review, Life Insight and Quotes. I share some posts sometime if they really hit my gut.

Then, i just writeeeeeee my ideas down within 20-30 minutes per post. Why? because I work with flow. It is so fun that I don’t want to procrastinate my writing. ; ) Just write with fun and edit with pain (laugh)

Again, I am so honoured to answer these questions, so please let me pass them to my lovely friends.

Silver Threading


Indrajit Rathore


I believe in the laws of attractions. The people with similar interests will meet each others. Thank you for being part of my life.

Written by Jade the Mystic

The psychology and mindfulness writer helping you leverage your mind, understand life, reduce stress, relax and learn to heal your body and soul with meditation through life quotes, articles, books, speeches and advises.


  1. Thank you, Jade, for your honoring and heartfelt introduction. I love, love, love your answers! This is really you. Isn’t it funny how we change our writing habits over time. I also had one certain day for writing and I still do. But meanwhile every day I write something in addition. I love this blog. Hey, congrats to your nomination, by the way… lol

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Congratulations Jade! It’s great to see how far you’ve traveled down this road! When you mentioned why you write, it sort of made me laugh to see you write because you have too much energy.

    That’s a fantastic answer. That just means you really have a passion for what you’re doing and that means a lot.

    Liked by 1 person

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