Live not just exist – Break the Oscar Wilde Quote

To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist.

I didn’t count the time that I bow to Oscar Wilde’s quotes, and this is one of them. Let me explain the quote in my point of view.

To live is the rarest thing in the world.

Consciousness is only thing that turn you to live your life. Consciousness will help you realise yourself and everything around you. You are real. Your breathe is real. Your face is real Everything you sense is real. That is why it is difficult for human live because in daily life we totally forgot what is normally real (or we could say the truth). The nature of the truth is that it is easily forgotten. When you breathe normally, you will never ask “why can I breathe?” It will be the silly question. You will be conscious only when you breathe improperly but when you do it smoothy, you forget it. Same for other normal situations you face. To be straight, living consciously in every moment is the rarest thing in the world.

Most people just exist.

That is Oscar Wilde, in my opinion, was sarcastic to the world. Most people just exist. Living unconsciously is just living like the object. Most people allows themselves lost with their own emotions. They didn’t treat their lives inside their body. They are just the bodies on this world. Life is no longer holiness when you forget what you have had, what you normally can do and who normally and really love you so far. The object cannot remember anything. The object has never felt thankful when you take care of it. Sure, the object is not alive because it has no consciousness. If you just exist, well, no one has to thank you to you and vice versa.

That is the secret for the busy people who would like to practice mindfulness. They think that they have no time for it. No, preparing time for it is unnecessary. Do things slowly. Eat slowly, Drive slowly. Speak slowly. Write slowly. Walk slowly. That is how to practice mindfulness. That is what we mean “live your live” I know it is hard (That is why, again, to live is the rarest thing in the world) In this modern word, there is the competitive environment. The fist mover advantage is considered in the working lifestyle. The slowest one will lose. Thus, everyone must do everything fast. This world just don’t care how much awareness you have on what you are doing. Awareness is, at first, opposite to the efficiency and speed.

However, if you practice doing something with awareness. Doing slowly will become doing faster and faster with the awareness  maintain.

That is when you can work both efficiently and vividly.


  1. I also believe that the sense of life lies in life itself – in living! Therefore we have come here. But I also believe that existing (observing, feeling, simply being) is another form of living – IF CONSCIOUSLY DONE.

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