The Secret of Being Unpredictable

Emotion is not the same as feeling.

This is one of the psychological facts that I have just known. That is amazing. Have you event lost yourself into your emotions? Whenever you are unconscious, your emotion will be too powerful that you cannot control it like the train moving so fast.

However, if you can recognise your emotion, it will turn to your feeling. I tell you this because I don’t want you to use them as synonyms. They are completely different. Just be conscious then your emotions will become feeling.

Realize how you feel right here. Name it right now.

After I found the difference between emotion and feeling, I have the great idea about it. Because everyone can understand what you are going to end with your emotion, you are predictable. For example, if I slap you, you will be angry and I know so well that you needs protection. Thus, you could slap me back so hard that I cannot slap you back again. See, our actions are predictable, and that is why everyone can control your behaviours. 

However, your action will be completely unpredictable whenever you can realize and name how you actually feel. Do it before the emotion is installed to you. That is the real intelligence. After you can realise it, you have freedom to choose how you response to people and situation. For example, if I slap you, instead of slapping me back, you could take the very few seconds to think how you feel, how I feel, what you want and  what I want. If you guess that I would like to be understood, instead of slapping me back, you could ask me (calmly) “anything else?” or turn me another side of your face so that I could communicate something that I could not explain through slapping from me again! (laugh)

That is how intelligent you are. Your response that you choose will be completely unpredictable. You may be angry on being slap you could keep clam and response me in the different way. I may become confused like “what? did I do something wrong? instead of ranging against me, you are so serene.”

Please recognise this, whenever you can tell the physical and mental experience that coming to you, you are unpredictable.

Sure, you will be the one who is so charmful to be discovered.


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