10 Situations and Ideas on Mindfulness Practice in 2015

  1. Mindfulness becomes mainstream in America. It has been practiced once in the small groups of Buddhism. Now, it goes to schools, hospitals, university, business organisations even prisons. More meditation courses are provided for the managers and workers.
  2. Even Google has its own course “Search inside Yourself” 4 times a years. Surprisingly that there are so many people who are interested in it. It also provided the maze for walking meditation. EBay has its own meditation room. The social media company like Twitter and Facebook has their mindfulness courses. Even you create you own business, you can still join their courses.
  3. Latest, Thich Nhat Hanh is invited to lead the mindfulness practice in Google office and World Bank. He was welcomed to give people lecture about the power of consciousness. So many people attend this event that the conference room became crowded.
  4. There are 2,000 people joined WISDOM 2.0 as the huge event for mindfulness practice. Many organisations came to sell their meditation courses to the companies. Surely that there are also many products for it like the mat, bell, candle, pads, and mobile application for it.
  5. Books? Personally I could not believe that more and more books, which is related to the mindfulness, are written and published like how to raise your child consciously, The mindful Politics and The mindful Brain. You might hear “The Buddha’s Brain” too.
  6. The only reason why the mindfulness practice become so popular is that more people become “stressful” due to too much work and information and competitive environment. There are so many technological advance to make people life more convenient. Yet, they have no time from themselves.
  7. Business organisations believes that the mindfulness is the key competitive and effective advantage to the both companies and employees. Many researches confirm the mindfulness practice can reduce stress, strengthen concentration and boost health. These clear benefits attract more people to meditate and clam their mind.
  8. Personally, I feel glad that mindfulness become more interesting worldwide. However, I feel worried that mindfulness practice become the business for profit. In the other word, it is as if consciousness is sellable. That is quite absorb. At least, be conscious before you take any mindfulness courses or buy mindfulness books. Actually, you can raise consciousness without any costs.
  9. Remember, simple is right. Whenever you becomes more conscious, the less money you spend. You become more aware of what you spent. You consume more products and service so conscious that you don’t have to take them more and more. Yes, mindfulness practice should save more money not burn more money.
  10. Last, mindfulness happens not only in the meditation room during the meditation time. It will be insane if you are conscious in the meditation room and become crazy when you step out of the room. Remind this, this world is the best meditation room you don’’t have to pay money to enter. Your parents gave you the ticket to be here and now already.


  1. I am glad that you brought this subject up. Mindfulness should be a path to improvement of one’s self – not a way to make money. That is why I share my mindfulness journey. It is to show how one person can change themselves for the better. I hope if I do it, other’s will too.

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    1. I respect your dedication toward sharing mindfulness ideas. : ) I understand that people would like to “do” anyway to reduce stress in their lives, so they decided to pay money to get rid of stress.

      but to get rid of stress, one should do nothing not do something. That is why, personally, it is ridiculous when mindfulness practice becomes business. People pay money for business to do nothing.

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