How can you escape the psychological influence?

Most people especially the success gurus try to adapt the psychology to influence their followers. They remember its tricks and use it to get followers or listeners to response their needs. You will see so many tricks in advertisement even the speeches. They can influence you to buy what they try to sell. (Actually, sell is rooted by the latin word “give” but nowadays people completely forget its real meaning)

However, if you really know what you want and what you expect.

You will be never influenced. There will be really no one influence you if you know you inner need. Your needs can be responded in so many various way. What you perceive from television, radio, even the word of mouth are just the choices”

It is up to you whether you choose it or not. If you are interested in it, go on. If you don’t, go away. Sounds a little rude however what you choose is your responsibility. You have the full power to choose. It is your freedom. Once you choose, there will be no freedom but responsibility.

Don’t throw your responsibility to anyone including psychology or God

or else you lose freedom.

Freedom is always with responsibility.

In the other word,

there is one thing that is far beyond powerful than psychology..

It is your awareness of your choice.

“What do you think when someone tries to read your mind?”

That is another reason why people fear Psychologist. If someone ask you “what work do you do?” and you reply him “I work for psychology”, I bet that he will become worried that he will be read through his behaviours and his word. His privacy is threatened because he thinks that psychology is all about revealing people’s mind.

I know so well that they are worried about being reveal. Of course, everyone including me would like the private space especially the inner world at least. No one want to be read. It is annoying indeed. I have my friend who compassionate too much even if I am happy! She asked my thoughts and feelings often like Facebook. I would like to experience Facebook only in online.

Thus, I really understand why most people become careful to the psychologists.

However, psychology is just the knowledge. it is not the knowledge that is bad (or good). It is up to the people’s who use it.

No matter it is the psychology or not, it is up to the people who use their knowledge not the know ledge itself. 

Think about this carefully. It is like the knife. If it belongs to the normal people, they could use it in the kitchen. If it belongs to the criminals, it will be used for ransom. Knowledge is the same.

Use it consciously.

Know your intention.

Try to view this world through your knowing before your knowledge.

Written by Jade the Mystic

The psychology and mindfulness writer helping you leverage your mind, understand life, reduce stress, relax and learn to heal your body and soul with meditation through life quotes, articles, books, speeches and advises.


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