10 Surprising Ideas from The Willpower Instinct [Book Review]

Controlling your mind has been taught for many centuries. However, there are so few people who can be free from their minds. If you ask them, they will suggest you “don’t control your mind”. Just understand your mind so that you can transcend it. Understanding is the only discipline you have to do, and the book authored by Kelly McGonigal, The Willpower Instinct, will help you understand what really happen to your brain and behaviours more.


1. 5 Minutes Meditation is the great practice: To avoid being distracted from the little good things or the small goal, practice meditation. Even 5 minutes are enough. Watching yourself Breathing in and out as your goal. Whenever you are distracted by your thoughts and feelings, bring yourself back to your breath. That is how you can practice yourself to achieve your long term goal.

2. Don’t miss resting: The more sleepless they are, the more stressful they become. That is how they cannot control their behaviours. To control your stress. You must DO NOTHING! Resting for few minutes will bring yourself to the body healing mode by motivating the immune system.

3. Let yourself complete to-do-list even you feel just tired: Whenever you feel tired, your brain will bring the energy left back to itself for you in the future. That is the problem. That is how your brain lies to you. Yes, you feel tried but doesn’t mean that you have no energy left. If you feel tired, keep completing your plan and break your energy limit.

4. Don’t let your good action be the reason to do bad one: Doing good and healthy things will improve yourself to have the wonderful willpower but beware that it could boost your ego. In the other word, you allow yourself to do more little bad things with your past good actions like having the fat meal since you have the hard exercise.

5. Happiness is not something you can pursuit: Dopamine will works to make you move and hunt for the painkillers. It promises you that it will make you feel better. However, what you are looking for may not really dispel your stress. Find things that “really” make you feel good not just the fake one that is just for protecting you from the stress.

6. Be mercy to yourself: The more you feel bad to your failure, the more you could blame yourself, and the more you would like to give up. That is why the gym is full of people only in the January! Be mercy, compassionate and forgive to yourself when you do mistakes so that you could move on stronger.

7. Do it Now! or else it will be more worthless: What will you choose? 100 Dollars Now or 100 Dollars Next Month? Of course, you will choose now. So is your action. Take it now!

8. Laws of Attraction still works so well: The one whose beliefs, culture, language, attitude, mindset, interest are same to yours will come to you. The community blog is the great example. It is wonderful as if we have the “telepathy”. You could found them in seminar, events, workshop, communities and much more. You share the same space because there is something that we all commonly have.

9. The more you suppress your bad feeling, the more it appears: It is exactly like when you try to hide your food in your room. Sooner or later, you can smell and bother you. Do not turn bad you your feelings. Accept them as they are.

10. Awareness is the vital key to transcend your mind!: because you cannot follow these previous ideas as long as you cannot beware of your actions. Whenever you become aware of them, you give yourself time to consider whether they are favourable or not. If not, you could stop and save energy.


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