3 Great Reasons You Should Give Up Being Sorrow

Life is short or long. Who cares? One life is enough. It is not up to your length of your life. It is up to your consciousness. With awareness, you can enjoy you life in every situation. Life is not waiting rain to stop. It is all about dancing in the rain. Here are 5 great reasons you should drop your suffering.

It is annoying. 

I once listened to the life coach training the businessman. He was so worry about his money. and business. His business is doing very well but he told everyone that he was not proud of it and would like to create by himself. They discuss to each other for more than an hour! That really annoyed me. That was when I finally get the idea. The sorrow is the annoying! Even I was the outsider, I felt so annoyed, didn’t he felt annoyed toward himself? I will be the one will will avoid him. His friends will be people who will go away from him. Because of his suffering, he kills not only his current friends but the future ones.

It wastes your time and kills your life values more. 

When the time pass by, there will be really no one remember what you have suffered and anxious so far. 100 years. 1,000 years. 10,000 years. No one can remember what happened to you, the bad situations happening to you, even the people you hate. Thus, why do you keep wasting your time hating people and being suffered?

When you feel sad, you don’t want to do anything. Your suffering will kill your productivity. That is such the bad idea to live your life. What you do can reflect your value. Lying on your bed will not help you bounce back from the deep ocean of agony.

It ruins your physical health.

It is so crystal clear that mind and body is related. Whenever you devalue yourself, you are going to behave unhealthy. Eat more junk food. Be more lazy on your bed. Drink more alcohol and beer. You keep having them as your painkiller but that painkiller will kill you sooner or later. I don’t want you to stop immediately. You must not escape understanding your feelings and your inner needs. You feel sorrow because your inner needs haven’t been response and there are so many ways to response them. Thus, stop hurting yourself and be more creative to find more way to response them.

Don’t invest in your suffering! Suffering has been invested for long time. You could invest your time to feel depressed so that everyone will look at you and console you. It seems that it gives you the sweet return. However, it sweetness will kill you with diabetes. It will keep you immature and incomplete. Thus, why don’t you turn happy? so that more happy people will come to you. Being happy is not the investment. You just be aware of yourself and switch to be the joyful mode. Simple.


  1. As a cancer “survivor,” I feel I must allow myself to experience all the emotions that come with the challenge. By allowing yourself to go through all the emotions, whether it’s painful or not, you’re also allowing the process of healing. Getting stuck in the darkness is the problem. We must continue the path we’re given no matter how much light is missing. We can produce our own light.

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    1. Exactly, I like when you say “getting stuck in the darkness is the problem”. The common suggestion is that we have to move on of course. Let me add this “we have to “understand” why we should let the problem go”. Whenever you understand, you will move on much more easily. ;))

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