3 Ideas you should aware in the social media space

Social Media becomes much more influential to our daily life. That is what I worried. Yes, it is convenient to connect people around the world. That is awesome, and we should thank you for the inventors.

However, because the communication becomes much more easier, it is fast. The speed of communication is up to your “mind”. Thus, let me give you some ideas on how your mind tricks your life.

You will see only what you want to see.

You have your own ideas. You have your own ideologies. You seek for the social media post or even the information that only support your status quo. Whenever you find the ideas that against yours. They will be “voted out”.

What you think will be confirmed more extremely.

That surprises me. People usually think that things they post and share is true. Why not? They have already though before they post. They are careful on everything that appears on their social media space. It must be true. Yes, it could be true. That is why it is problem. They become too confident in their thoughts that are posted as the truth.

We are going more extreme on our thoughts and feeling.

Yes, who care about our identities? People don’t know whether we are real or not in the social media space. Our words can become more harsh. That is what you cannot do when we meet each other offline.

We lose our mind in the social media space just because it allow you to be fast on your thoughts and feelings. My point is that the real communication when you are outside the online space is still healthier and more important.

Have a healthy relationship.

One comment

  1. Very good points. Most of all I observe this on Facebook. I don’t want to talk for everbody but I don’t like this self-displaying. Although also blogs are very personal it is completely different. At least this is what I experienced. Writing definitely is easier than talking. But on the other hand this way I think it becomes more and more authentic. Right because of the anonymity we are opening up a lot more and this again I guess makes us feel close here on this platform. Again this is what I experienced.


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