Don’t Lie or Love is Blind

Honesty and trust are needed when you are living with the people you love but we see that the this world still have many illusions and liars everywhere. Plastic surgery, fake Facebook profile pictures, many flirting unreal words and created image that interest your ideal partners. “Fake it until you make it” Whoever split this quote is so cunning.

Remember. Make it, so you don’t have to fake it.

If you love someone, enjoy moment you and your beloved people take care of each other. You can fake it but soon you will be tired to do that. Love cannot exist with your lying words. Love is real phenomenon. People were born with the ability to love since they are loved by their parents. Well, you have to pour the water into the glass so that you can pour water with that glass to other’s ones.

However, if you lies to each others. Be dishonest and untrustworthy, trouble comes. You have to understand this before you learn not to lie. When you lie something to someone, you have to remember all of what you lied to your family, your friends and your lovers. You are carrying the unreal words. Sooner or later, those unreal words turn you to be the unreal person. You turn yourself to be unreal, so no one can love you, the fake, the illusion while your family is real, your friends are real, and your partner is real!

That is why you should not keep lying to people you love but people have been taught through the law enforcement and religion beliefs that don’t lie without understanding why. You will not be really punished when you lie but when you turns fake.

Trust is another things you have to understand. You may fear that people you love will be no longer love you, so you may come up with any possible situations that they can be there. Now, you start to intrude their private zone. You order your beloved people to report telephone calls, emails and social network history like they are your slaves. Your untrustworthy will create jails for them and how dare you name those jails love?

Love cannot exist if you fear. If you really love, trust comes. There is no need for those jails that comes from your thoughts created by the fearful mind. As mentioned, you cannot create the unreal things like thought for the real thing like love.

Therefore, just be aware of yourself before you think, then our words and your actions will become honest and trustworthy. Some truth may be painful but you are still real. You don’t need to carry the unreal rubbishes. You are real, so people can love you and vice versa.


  1. Wow, Jade! You really hit the nail on the head. First trying to be someone to love until the fake comes out. When it did we try to convince others to still stick with us through kind of stalking. Amazing how you brought this all in a clearifying order! Great.

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