How does the creativity change your life?

Yesterday, I participated in the public speaking contest (well, I want a chance to share ideas. that is all). The contest chair asked the very good question “How does the creativity change your life?”

Sincerely, this is the wrong question. You don’t have to do anything to be creative. I have been already creative. You have been already creative. Individual has been already creative. There will be no one who were born like you even if you were born. 

I like what this bear, Winnie the Pooh, said “The thing that makes me different are the things that make me”. Just do nothings. The uniqueness is with you. If you don’t have something others have, be proud of yourself otherwise everyone is going to be the same and that is not vivid but robotic.

So, why did the contest chair ask me this question? Well, that is because my speech was creative, and I would like to share its part.

“ My comedy came dark when I got the lowest score in the mid-term Philosophy exam 4 years ago in Thammasat University, so I studied so hard. Then, final exam came but it was so crazy. The professor put the chair on the table (that time I performed like him bringing chair on the table) and told us “Prove that the chair doesn’t exist on the table” I couldn’t recall the material. Nervously, I fear I couldn’t pass exam, wouldn’t graduated, couldn’t catch up my friends, and disappoint my parents but finally, in the last second, I wrote the answer. A month passed by. The grade was announced. I could not believe my eyes. I got an A. My friend asked me “how did you prove you are meaningless? I wrote so fast what Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle said. Tell me yours now” No, my friends misunderstood me. I didn’t write the answer. I wrote the question back. “What is a chair” ”

Creativity needs none of your effort. Stay still. Find it in your being.


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