3 Basic Organs You Recalled During Meditation

Mediation brings silence as the greatest teachers of all times. It will give you some time to let you be with yourself and recall what you have had basically. There are so many truths you can find with silence but these three things are the most common ones you should not ignore.

Your Nose: Your breath is the source of life.

The source of your life is the connection between your stomach and your breath. Human has to breathe in and out to be sustain his life. This truth is so common that everyone complete their breath completely as long as they inhale and exhale properly. They will be interested in their breath only when their breaths have problems like having cold or fever. The question rises – why am I sick? That is exactly like happiness. As long as you are happy, you have never asked yourself like “Why am I happy?” No but whenever you become suffered, you did asked like “why did this happen to me?” Thus, do not ignore your breath. Be appreciated and pay attention on your breath.

You Face: There is no such thing as the personality.

Your facial expression must be realised. It must reflect your true needs inside which can be commonly understood. Unfortunately that your facial expression has been practiced by the society in the name of manner, etiquette and personality. To be linguistic, personality comes from the word persona, which is rooted by two words, phony (fake) and sona (sound). The society teaches you to have different facial expression to impress different people. You have to prepare a lots of masks that are unable to hide your true voice. You pay too much attention on your masks but ignore your true self. Therefore, if you try to impress everyone, you will end up with being no one. Drop your masks and be yourself.

Your Back: Do not ignore the one who loves you

The ones who love you, your partners, your friends, your siblings and your family. They stand by you…always but people usually ignore them just because they love you everyday. They become so normal that you could forget and put them behind your back. Then, you start searching for the one “who you love”. You keep finding them like the lonely people. That is not the way to fullfil your emptiness. It wastes of your energy and time. It is risky that they could not love you back. Thus, why don’t you become more thankful you the one that has loved you? Just turn your back and celebrate your life with them.

Ego is caused by the self-forgetting and you need silence to remember what you have ignored so far. Be thankful to your breath. Be thankful to your true self. Be thankful to the one who really loves you.


  1. Great post, Jade! As always! I have to say that reading Number 2 reminded me to my life before I wrote I’m Free. I had so many faces because I tried to find out which one would meet the expectations of others best and then the one that always showed up in frustration again, when everything seemed in vain. I am soooo happy, so glad that I could kiss these faces goodbye. Thanks for reminding me which makes me so grateful.

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    1. and whenever we kiss, we need to open our masks at least. Throwing our selves to please people is just to commit suicide. Just be ourselves. We are the most creative people in this planet. I am so glad that this is helpful to you. You are the wonderful inspirational writer.

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      1. Thank you, Jade! I am glad for the masks. Because by taking them off I discovered my being in an even more insightful way than without them. I wouldn’t write that way if I had not made this breakthrough experience. 😊

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