Behold! – The Conspiracy on Supporting Smoking Between The Government and Neuromarketers

Rest in Peace for “Mr.Spock” for his death. The cause of his death is the another proof that smoking is harmful to your health. Of course, he was aware of this but for him, smoking was addictive. All smokers notice well that smoking is bad for their health.

Sounds that understanding the threat of smoking will help people quit smoking. However, this real world is not easy on them. If you noticed well on the label of the cigarette, you may notice the fearful picture on it. The picture that shows the cancer or the operation, unhealthy heart or the symbol reflecting the bad sexual potential. At first, I think that these pictures exist to threaten the smokers not to smoke. Nevertheless, they are for supporting them to smoke more!

It is the conspiracy between the government and neuromarketers. The government keeps promoting that you should reduce smoking and increasing tax for the cigarette. However, have you ever heard that the government will ban the cigarette? Never right? That is because they can get more revenue from the smokers. It is almost impossible for the smokers to stop smoking. Whenever they become stressful, they will find the reward for them. That reward is smoking helping them feel better.

Yes, increasing tax, and promoting the threat of smoking through campaign and posture will make the smokers more stressful and smoke more and more. These are the tricks for the government to get more revenue, and the neuromarketers are the reason behind these tricks.

Before I goes to open what neuromarketers know, let me review you what the psychologists know. They know how people (and also animal) learn in the classical way. The dog that salivates when the bell rings is the classic example. Do you really think that it was born to salivates when the bell rings. No, there is the reason. Naturally, it will salivates when the food comes. However, because the human comes up with the rings, so the dog learn that whenever it hears the ring, the food will appear.

Surprisingly that the neuroscientists go further than the psychologist. I didn’t mean that the brain of human works like the dog’s but let me explain it generally. Inside your own brain, there is the reward system. The cell of Dopamine plays the important role that it motivates you to hunt for rewards. In the other word, it is “desire”. Reward has never been real. Whenever it is responded, it would give you satisfaction. However, it will always disappear, and you keep hunting it to satisfy yourself for all of your life. In this digital age, we can find things that can satisfy us instantly. For smoker, it is the convenient store. Whenever, they become stressful, their Dopamine will motivate them to go there. When they see the label, more Dopamine will work harder, and they smoke as their reward.

Nevertheless, we should not blame that the government and neuromarketers should be responsible for this. I always tell people to be responsible for their own live. This is the same. The smokers must be responsible for their own healthy. Get the deep understanding on the threat of their healths. Be aware of it. Be “courage” to quit it.

I love you. That is why I tell you this.

Written by Jade the Mystic

The psychology and mindfulness writer helping you leverage your mind, understand life, reduce stress, relax and learn to heal your body and soul with meditation through life quotes, articles, books, speeches and advises.


  1. As the mother and grandmother of two smokers, I no longer plead with them to quit. I quit smoking more than thirty-five years ago when I could no longer walk up a flight of steps without getting winded that was my “rock bottom” and I hope the two of them will soon reach their “rock bottom.” Thank you for sharing.

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    1. No problem. I would like to support smokers understand this a little bit. Here is the adv from my own country

      I bet the would feel embarrassed and more stressful….

      so they smoke more to feel relax. :/


  2. That’s very good examples of how addiction works. But, Jade, Leonard Nimoy reached an age of 84 – although smoking. Don’t get me wrong. I never smoked in my whole life and never will. (But perhaps find more dramatic examples… lol)

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