3 Ideas You Misunderstood About Death – Part 3

1. Death is the way to free from suffering.

No, you cannot be free from it by being dead as long as you cling to your own desire which ego creates. Suffering is the one of your own physically and mentally experiences when your inner needs haven’t been responded yet. I have already explained in part 1 here:


2. You will have the only one time for being dead.

I have so many ideas on the numbers of times you could be dead. You could be dead once a life, twice a life, seven times a life, every night or every everyday. See more here:


3. Death is suffering. Think again!

No, death is the moment that you should celebrate! For me, my life is enough. I have been closed to my parents and my lovely friends. I feel so appreciated on them so much that my life becomes enough. If death comes, I will serve him a cup of tea and take a long relaxation!

You pass away everyday. 

You cannot bring your past self back. It won’t come to you. It was not with you anymore. In the morning, you wake up and become the very new person. The one that has the full energy. You are rejuvenated ever morning ready to spend your life until the end of the day.

Death has the same concept as sleeping. 

Sleeping helps you rejuvenate. So does death when you grow old. Your body becomes weaker. It could be no longer to retain your younger soul. It just needs the body that fresh and new. Death will help you for this. In the other word, it will definitely help you relax.

Darkness is your best friend.

Do not miss the moment when death comes to you because this great relaxation gives you chance to be meditative by being watchful. Darkness comes to you but it will be your great friend to help you relax better like when you have to turn off the light whenever you would like to sleep. Darkness will help you sleep. Darkness will help you relax. Darkness will help you meditate.

However, you don’t have to wait for death. Death could be viewed differently. It could come to you everyday you sleep or every second you send your life. Being watchful on your actions will increase their quality. That is how you spend your life.

Thank you so much for following 3 ideas of death for all 3 weeks. Hope you learn from them all.

Death will not listen to your stupid request to live longer 

but it will honestly promise you to live again


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