Insightful Idea Live Your Life with Your Head, Your Heart and Your Breath

The important thing is your head.

     The more important thing is your heart.

          The most important thing is your breath.

Leverage Your Head Wisely

I mean our minds. It is amazing when we use mind for work. it is like the biological computer that can fit in your head. I bet your laptop is heavier and has lower capability than your brain. Can your dropbox collect data more than your brain? It is your brain that invent software and so many kinds of hardware. We cannot be more convenient without our brains. I have to say this especially to the spiritualists because they could misunderstood that mind always bring trouble. I said not quite. You have to be aware of the situation you should use it. You need it for work. It is the amazing things that natures give to us. Appreciated it.

Listen to Your Heart

and that could trouble your life if you don’t understand the evolution of your brain. It has been developed so far to help you survive. Because changes are all around human, your brain will alert you. Unfortunately, changes happen everyday, so the unconscious feel stressful everyday too. They listen to their own mind too much. To escape from fear of changes, they have to be identified with something as the false substitute called ego. It is the protection for the immature. The egocentric have mind that create “desires” to possess things and become someone. Their desires are necessary to survive. They listen to their own mind too much that they completely forget their heart that reflects your inner needs through your feeling. Thus, just do not ignore your feeling. Your heart may be foolish but following your heart proves that you spend your life.

Lose Your Ego With Your Breath

Because your ego is caused by forgetting something…something that is vital to your life. Your heart not you head that is always honest to you… Your breath not air condition that helps you exist…your skin not your clothes that protects you from any harm. Close your eyes. Sit silently. Give yourself times just to stay with yourself. Don’t forget the basic. Don’t forget what you have had so far. Don’t for get who love you. Appreciated them all. It is not matter that you have the best things but it is matter that you make the best from what you have. You don’t need more to live your life happily. You just become more thankful especially your breath. Breathe in and out very slowly. “Pay attention” when you do it. The more you pay attention to your breathing, the higher quality you live your life.

I am so glad that recently, many writers discuss about mind and heart. That really inspired me. Please read this. I try to collect all points that you could notice.


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