10 Mental Fitness Tips that You Should Try



this is different from thinking about the past and project the future. In your dream, you can combine anything which seems unrelated together. You just relax and let it happens to you.




or I should say “appreciated” on the happy moment you have had so far. Be thankful to them.



Just watch and don’t try to convert to the positive one as one of your defense mechanism. It is just a thought, so it will always come and go.



Pay attention to what you are doing, so you don’t need to do more things.



Regular physical activity improves psychological well-being and can reduce depression and anxiety.



brings balance to your life and alertness to your brain by allowing you to do something you enjoy because you want to do it.



Expressing yourself after a stressful day can help you gain perspective, release tension and even boost your body’s resistance to illness.



Humour could be almost compared to the meditation. When you laugh, there is no mind. It is helpful for your creativity. You might see the world different. That is why you laugh.



As long as you realise and appreciated the things you can simply do. It is valuable for others also.  the “win-win” activity because helping others makes us feel grateful toward ourselves.



Love yourself enough, so you cannot love others enough.


Thank you for the useful source: http://www.cmha.ca/mental_health/mental-fitness-tips/#.VOqTkinKDlY


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