3 Ideas You Misunderstood About Death – Part 2

  1. Death is the way to free from suffering.

No, you cannot be free from it by being dead as long as you cling to your own desire which ego creates. Suffering is the one of your own physically and mentally experiences when your inner needs haven’t been responded yet. I have already explained in part 1 here:

2. You will have the only one time for being dead.

I have so many ideas on the numbers of times you could be dead. You could be dead once a life, twice a life, seven times a life, or everyday.

Died once – When your brain stops working.

That is crystal clear. If you think of the medical science, death will occur to you only when your brain stops working. This is what most people commonly understands.

Died twice – Don’t forget when you comes out of your mother 

because the place that you can feel heaven is inside your mother. Yes. I cannot think of the most heavenly place for human like inside your mom. Before you were born, you felt as if you are the king or queen. You don’t have to walk but you can be at your destination. You don’t have to find the food, but you can feel full. You don’t have to wear clothes. but you are fully protected from the sunlight, rain and wind. This is such as heaven.

Until you came out of your mom and opened your eyes. That is hell because birth will deprive you from everything that facilitates you inside your mom. That is the first time you died, and that is why people keep working so hard to make money, survive, and facilitate themselves unconsciously like when they were inside their moms.

Seven times a life – You have completely new cell every seven year

and there are different changes in each seven year. You are what you eat, read, see and consume. Everything that you have taken all along could determine your life. If there was no “social poison”, you would grow up naturally and beautifully. To be biological, you will have the whole new cells in your body every 7 years. Lets see the cycle of human life.

Please visit here for more understanding.



Everyday – but you just cannot notice changes in you

You today is not exactly like you in the yesterday, and tomorrow. There will be a little bit changes that comes to you in thought, feeling or even physical appearance. If you see yourself through your past self, you judge yourself, and that does not help you live your life.

Look yourself with your new eyes everyday. The eyes that always looks things and people as they are not you are. I know very well that 98% of things will be watch through your mind. That will be difficult to watch with your eyes but if you notice how mind works, your mind will be just the choice for you to looks at yourself, and you could ignore to see them through it.

Watching with your fresh eyes is difficult to your mind but it is needed to do that for your own happiness right here and now that is freed from the past.  

3. Death is suffering

No, death is the moment that you should celebrate! For me, my life is enough. I have been closed to my parents and my lovely friends. I feel so appreciated on them so much that my life becomes enough. If death comes, I will serve him a cup of tea and take a long relaxation!

Death will not listen to your stupid request to live longer 

but it will honestly promise you to live again

The last idea about death will be explained in detail next week, so please stay tuned.


    1. Exactly, it is not the enlightenment. When there is no passion, the enlightenment comes to you.

      That is also why there is no such thing as the “path” of enlightenment. It is just here and now. :))

      Very thoughtful question. Thank you.

      Liked by 1 person

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