10 Tricks that Prepare You to Meditation

In the age of competition and complexity, people could forget to relax. Actually, they could not relax since they fear others will beat them in every way: wealth, health, fame and even happiness. Relaxation is just for Saturday, Sunday and national holiday. That sounds crazy since most workers are so ready to move out of the town to relax. Ridiculously, they would like to relax by escaping people but they couldn’t since others also think like them.

No, relaxation doesn’t need to change location. You can do it right now. Since relaxation is one of the most important elements of meditation. You just prepare yourself for it, and here are some tips for preparation.

  1. Set the Right Posture: Right posture doesn’t mean that it is the standard posture for everyone. That is impossible. Lord Buddha had his own right posture; crossing his leg but you don’t have to do that. Try to be on various posture until you find the one that relax you the most. That is the right posture and it is only for you!
  2. Open your eyes: According to the psychological research, 80% of things we sense come from our eyes. Therefore, we have bee taught to close our eyes to raise other senses better. (and I also normally suggest you too.) However, open your eyes while you are meditating is difficult and challenging. If you weren’t blind, you cannot spend your life by closing your eyes. You could be meditative while your eyes are opening too.
  3. Be aware of your breath: to raise your consciousness. Breathe in deeply …. slowly. Breathe out deeply … slowly. That is how you can raise quality to your breathe, the source of your life.
  4. Count your breath: Let I make myself clear on this point. This is not the meditation itself. Many people have been taught to count their own breathes. It is helpful for the one whose thoughts overwhelm their mind. However, to jump into meditation, finally, you have to drop counting on it and just be aware of it.
  5. Do not control any thoughts: This trick could surprise many people since they are irritated on many of their thoughts. However, you need to understand this. Thoughts are normally produced by your own mind. No, you cannot control them. Just watch them. Observe how they come and go.
  6. Whenever you feel, bring yourself back to your breathe: Your feeling like anger, sadness, or irritation come from your inner needs that haven’t been responded yet. Meditation cannot respond them of course because you are going nothing. However, meditation will help you review whether your inner needs are real or they are just the unreal desires that come from your mind. If they are latter, meditation will bring you to understand this, vanish them and then your feeling. You cannot vanish your feeling directly until you understand its root through meditation.
  7. Stay in the silent place: It will not be good start fi you meditate in the loudly place. If possible, lock yourself in your room and sit silently. If you couldn’t find that place, find the place that fit to you most. Whenever, you get into your meditation, you can move to different places. It is all up to you.
  8. Time for meditation:  More than 5 minutes: It is quite challenging. First 5 minutes are seems peaceful for the meditators but after that thoughts will come to them and they could lose themselves to their own minds. Read point 5 and 6 again to pass these difficult time, them you can meditate without worrying how many minutes you are going to meditate. Time is emotion. If you vanish your unreal desire, meditation is forever.
  9. Place for meditation: Everywhere! It will be ridiculous if you are meditative just at the silent place and lose yourself in the louder place.
  10. Enjoy! 

I said that these tips are for preparation for meditation, not meditation itself. To meditate, you just do nothing and forget these tips.

Have a great mysterious journey


  1. I have always honored my meditation space. I never sit if I have any resistance, it is a miracle that my breath is the door to happiness.

    I changed the form gained at the Zen center of sitting for half hour periods. Sometimes I was done at 23 or 27 minutes.

    So I use a timer still, but it is to keep track of how long I sit. Must for reference, no amount of time is right or wrong, good or bad.

    Nice Jade

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I suggest you throw the timer away. Let me tell you my experience.

      4 years ago. I meditated alone in the temple with the alarm clock that is always used by monks there. Unfortunately, I broke it somehow.

      At night, all monks and I came together and meditated. In that moment, I could meditate for around 25 minutes. I knew that when the alarm rang, they would stop meditation for 40 minutes.

      Because of me, it didn’t. An hour pass by and more monks became irritated.

      That was so weird. Even monks still addicted to the time and alarm.

      To be honest, no matter how many minutes you spend on meditation, pay attention to your meditation.

      Enjoy you life. 😀


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