3 Ideas You Misunderstand Death – Part 1

To be honest, there are so many people that misunderstand about death. Allow me to raking some commonly wrong ideas about it. Latest, one of my friends fear of be crushed by car tomorrow. Remember this first, it isn’t matter that you live your life after you are dead but it is matter that you live your life “before” you are dead.

1. Death is the way to free from suffering.

If you think you would like to kill yourself just to be free from unhappiness, give up because you will not be free from any suffering. How do I know even if I haven’t been dead yet? Of course, because you keep throwing your responsibility to other factors. You always blame other people and situation to make you feel suffer. No, it is not their faults! No one is false even you. Suffering is the one of your own physically and mentally experiences when your inner needs haven’t been responded yet.

See the connection between your needs and your feeling? The unhappy people cannot see this connection, and keep throwing the responsibility that you turn painful to others. They don’t even know that they are depriving their own freedom and keep putting themselves to agony.

Freedom is responsibility.

That is the first thing you have to understand.

You must be responsible on your own feeling

which caused by your own needs.

Your feeling must not be under control by someone or something. Your feeling is not the television that can be changed by people holding their remote control. If you are fully responsible to your own needs and feeling, no one can control (and would like to) you. You are so free to think and feel.

and that needs your courage to live with your own suffering.

Don’t run away from your pain. Don’t ask “why” does your suffering happen to you. That question will put you to hell as long as you won’t accept it. Live with it. Live as it is part of you. There is no need to classify it is suffering or happiness. To classify is already hectic. Live it totally so you can be fully appreciated even on a second of love, a moment of friendship, a glimpse of sunlight, a drop of pure water.

Being alive is holiness. I didn’t mean about sin or merit, however the people you called saint implies that being consciously happy is the way to make merit. I cannot (and don’t want to) talk, dance and laugh with you together if you are dead. You would like to laugh and smile with your beloved and alive people, wouldn’t you?

If you would like to kill yourself, go on, because the moment you live with the desire to kill yourself has already brought you to the moment of death. Those moments are indifferent. So far, I didn’t want you to fear death. I want you to love it!

Whenever you alive, celebrate! 

because we will have time dance and laugh together

Whenever you are dead, celebrated! 

because we have already been appreciated our dance and laugh “Enough”

Stay alive until you body become so old that you need to change it. That is the service of death. It will give you the new one. That comes the next ideas about death.

2. You will have the only one time for being dead.

I have so many ideas on the numbers of times you could be dead. You could be dead once a life, twice a life, seven times a life, every night or every everyday. Stay tuned.

3. Death is suffering.

No, death is the moment that you should celebrate! For me, my life is enough. I have been closed to my parents and my lovely friends. I feel so appreciated on them so much that my life becomes enough. If death comes, I will serve him a cup of tea and take a long relaxation!

I promise I will explain these two ideas further next days. Please stay tuned!

To be straight, you will never be free after you are done as long as you keep blaming other people and situations. No death is not the path of freedom. Responsibility is! You don’t have to kill yourself to be free.

Be alive, watch your steps and dance freely!


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