Why Your Dream is Jail!

Everyone has to sleep

to recharge the energy.



Not everyone has dream.

Dream comes from the mix-up

of what we have been experienced so far.


When people wake up,

it is hardly for them

to recall their dreams.


You will be asked

from your own parents

your teachers

or even by yourself

that what your dream in the future is?

and not everybody can come up

with the answers.


Some can tell their dream in the future

and they tell everyone

that they will chase their dream

no matter what.


How can they be dreaming

while their two eyes are still opening?


All are sleeping. Society is sleeping.

The more passion they want to achieve their dreams,

the longer they would like to sleep.


If their dreams have not been accomplished yet,

they will not wake up of course.

May be they will not wake up again

like the corpses inside the graveyard.


Even you will be born again,

you will choose to dream for the future again.

You choose to have the lifelong sleep again.

You choose the cycle of life and dead again.

again and again.


Watch your own dreams.

Your dreams are just like the jail.

The jail that will allow you

to go nowhere.


You may break the jail

but you will call for another jail

you will put yourself inside that jail.


You may die in jail

but you will call for jail

after you will be born again.


There are still people

who cannot come up with the answer

of what their dreams of future are

of what their reasons to exist are


Please do not look down on them like a trash

but please appreciate them

that they will not bother themselves

to be born again.


This is the great awakening

This is the true freedom.

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