To be honest, I love to perform public speaking. It is funny. The one who talks about psychology and mindfulness loves public speaking. Many people think that being in public will boost ego. He will lose himself. He will keep changing his personality, his mask to satisfy everyone. It is over for living his live.

However, this could not happen for me and people who can realize our egos. Yes, I am so proud to accept that I still have ego, so what I should do is to be aware of it. Simple, right?  Here are some lessons I would like to share when I perform my public speaking.

Don’t care any reward. Care what you are talking about.

Attaching the reward will kill yourself. Trust me, after you get it, you will be no longer satisfy. It is just the stupid tool for the people who are not conscious enough to realize their own strength inside. If you are conscious enough, you don’t need any reward to help you realize it. The conscious people are so free from any tool. They are so mature enough to enjoy their own speech. Actually, speaking is their own rewards. Consciousness will help you realize that “you” are doing “something” but awareness will help you become “doing”. You disappear. Something disappears. What is left is “doing”.

You need human to be on stage.

That is the right attitude toward public speaking. I heard so many people that they fear public speaking. They even choose to die instead of public speaking. Whenever you are on stage, you are in front of people’s eyes. That is the feeling of being hunted. It is dangerous. Your heart is pumping with nervousness. If you were fool, you will feel fear. That is the common attitude for most people.

However, the pumping heart is not the sign of fear. It is the sign of life. You are alive. Being alive is holiness. That is the most important for you. You need to be alive to be on stage. That is the forgotten truth. Be so glad on your heart pumping. Feel it. Be aware of it. Dance with it. Your nervousness is real. This is life. Enjoy it not fear it! No one would like to watch the one who fear his life and feel like he is going to die.

Throw your script and leverage your intelligence

“on the stage”

  Public speaking is like other skills. It needs practice. You have to learn how to craft the context to compassionate audience’s heart , use the vocal variety and leverage the human language. However, whenever you are in front of audience, throw your script. Anything can happen every minutes. If you prepare for every unexpected thing, you will be fool. If you have already had an answer in you for the questions that even you don’t know, you will be fool. Being omniscience is foolish because you will lose the ability to keep learning. You don’t have to learn anything when you know everything. Know nothing. That is the key. Whenever happens, response it without knowing. Use your intelligence right here and now.

Remember, it is not what you do that boosts your ego. It is your ignorance toward it that boosts your ego. Be conscious. Don’t judge anything. Whatever happens to you, just watch it without your opinion. That is how we can be ourselves even we are among in the public.


Written by Jade the Mystic

The psychology and mindfulness writer helping you leverage your mind, understand life, reduce stress, relax and learn to heal your body and soul with meditation through life quotes, articles, books, speeches and advises.


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