3 Questions against the one who called himself “Monk”?

You need life

Last weeks, there was the serious argument on the Buddhism event in Bangkok, Thailand. There were many monks walking slowly beside the road on the carpet in order to be accessible for the people . However, there are so many people there who were dissatisfied in their event. The heavy traffic jam troubles their lifestyles. They saw that this event is useless. The monks try to marketing themselves. Here are the issues I would like.

Should monks practice their mindfulness in the forest

not the town street?

This is the nonsense question for the one who is mindfulness. It is not about the place. It is all about you. If you are mindful, the place is not important. You can connect to the existence anytime and anywhere. To tell the truth, strict to one place is not good for your mind. Your mind loves to attach and repeat things. Changing place is good. The monk should not only become mindful in the forest in the temple and forest but also in the pub.

Shouldn’t monks do marketing themselves and do the business?

I am always against marketing in terms of being mindful. Marketing strategies have laid so many conditions toward your behaviours. Those conditions turn you to behave unnaturally. For example, if you donate money to the monks, you will be in the heaven and happy, so you keep donating money to be happy. That is stupid behaviour. You don’t have to spend more money to be happy. I didn’t say that money is bad but your being has never been involved in money. Remember, you can be free from your ego as dysfunctional mind whenever you behave naturally, response right here and now without carrying any words the society told you.

Should the flowers are on the road to respect monks?

This is what I totally against this idea. If you used to visit the temple, you will see the monks’ activities. They are so bored that they could sleep all day. They just repeat their activities. They just follow their own rules that they have to chant every morning and evening, study the moral books, and teach people. These are all what they have to do and repeat these everyday. Where is the life? No, they didn’t live their lives. Walking on the street is one of these repetitive activities. They just walk because they “have to” follow their rules.

The flowers are so beautiful. They blossom beautifully. Lord Buddha appraised the lotus. Jesus appraised Lily. For me, I appraised rose (because it is responsible for its beauty by having the spike on it for protection) The flower is vivid. However, boring human is so foolish. He hopes that flowers will make him vivid but the result is the opposite. If the flowers were pulled, it is no longer beautiful. He kills them to beautify himself, and he still thinks that he is in the holiness.

However, the truth is that the beauty of the flower is its “life”. Life is the holiness. Those monks spend their lives boringly, and would like the lifeless flower to be under their feet. That will even more turn them more lifeless!

Same for the Christ. I think Christian should stop carrying the cross of the dead and dance on the Lily garden.

Remember, life is holiness. I would like to live my life with the one who has life also.

Written by Jade the Mystic

The psychology and mindfulness writer helping you leverage your mind, understand life, reduce stress, relax and learn to heal your body and soul with meditation through life quotes, articles, books, speeches and advises.


  1. Mindfulness is the practice of purposely focusing your attention on the present moment and accepting it without judgment in the way it is. So how come a change of place is going to make any difference in this regard. I one practices Mindfulness, he can connect to the existence anytime and anywhere.

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    1. Great question. I agree with you. I just suggest those monks not to “attach” to one place. Mind loves attaching the same things and places so it will make them feel safe. However, life with certainty doesn’t deserve to love on. Try something and some places new. Turn your life uncertain. That will help your mind alert and aware. That is to bring you to the present like you said. :)))

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