3 Things Awareness Could Help You

Undeniably, awareness is always the key toward the good situation. You are always involved with the thoughts and feelings which you sometime didn’t realise. If they aren’t realise, you don’t even liv your life. What you could do is to realise it with awareness. Here are some ideas that awareness could help you.

Freedom and much more choices

When you are in the situation that you have to make the decision, remember there are so many choices more than choices in front of you, and awareness will help you to see them. It is like the sky with the cloud, you cannot see the whole sky because of the clouds. You cannot see all choices because of your own thoughts and feelings. If you could clear them, you will see the whole sky. You will see other choices which have always been there. The more choices you see, the more independent you are.

The sense of humour, creativity even love.

Awareness will give you the new eyes. You will be able to see the different things, people and situations everyday even if they exist there like the previous day. You can notice even the slight change in them. When you can see things differently from others, they would be surprised or even laughing on what you see. If you keep your fresh eyes, you will not judge your partner. You will know that your partner cannot be the same and you can accept his or change. Judging your beloved people by the past won’t happen if you could be aware of change.

Go Beyond Our Ego

Ego is the mind, the dysfunctional mind. You need to aware of what you think, feel and do. Rule is that whenever you become stress, there will be something wrong because the stress is usually the result from the ego’s attempt to protect fear inside you. Whenever you are aware of your seriousness, you enable yourself to see the cause of the problems, the assumptions that you should detach, and of course more solutions toward relaxation.

Awareness is not exactly the consciousness. The consciousness comes first but it needs duality. For example, if you are drawing picture, you could be conscious that “you”  as the subject, are drawing “picture” as the object. Whenever you reach awareness, you still maintain your consciousness but you finally can drop both subjectivity and objectivity.


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