3 Reasons you can be free from the politics.

I would like to write this because there are so many demonstrations and daily critics against the government not only in my country but also around the world. I could tell you one thing. Don’t waste your time and emotion on politics, It won’t help your life much better. Here are some good reason why.

You can live your life without it.

To be straight, if you are fulling responsible on your own happiness and well-being, you don’t need to rely on the government service. Take care of yourself as much as possible. That is what your government so fear whenever you can take care of yourself. They fear that their importance will be no longer exist. The government will do everything that you have to rely on it. Be aware of this game, and don’t fall for it. The more you can love yourself, the more freedom you can feel. You don’t have to go on demonstration to cal for freedom. Only you are powerful enough to do it alone.

You don’t need power to create things.

Have you ever seen the artists, singers, superstars, actors, painters, or even dancers becoming the politicians? If you consider them they usually graduated from economics, political administration and laws. Such these fields has no creativity in them. (Although economics tries to draw some beautiful but confusing graphs) However, you can paint picture, dance and sing songs without any political power. You don’t need it for your happiness. Happiness comes to you more easily than you think. Just don’t condition it with money and political power.

  You are individual.

Only the egocentric think that others must be good citizens so that the country will be good. If you see how egocentric they are, you can figure out that what they forgot to change is themselves. It is the psychological perception … no, actually it is deception that if they are surrounded by the good people and good things, they will be looked as the good people.

However, you don’t need to be politicians or the critics toward the political issues. Instead of  depicting yourself, you are just be responsible to be happy and healthy “by yourself”. If each people become joyful, so are all people.

Like I have mentioned for along time,  you don’t need to change the world, the world can change itself. It is easier to change yourself than changing people.

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