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So, it is the time I would like to announce to the comment from posts in this blog, and please allow me to express my appreciation on it  one from this post, 3 Lessons You could Learn During Meditation

I am starting to understand meditation better from your words, “When they came and laid on me, it was not my business. I could detach my body. They laid on it but they didn’t laid on my being. My body is just the element that I didn’t own it at first.” The fly example was so good for me to understand. I will keep working on my meditation. It is the relaxing that I struggle with. Quiet the mind and breathe. Thank you for such a great example for me to understand.

by Silver Threading

I feel so appreciated that your comment reflects my post with high quality.

Silver Threading is the name of her lifestyle blog  sharing her poetry, writings, and short stories. To her,  “threading,” represents an open line of communication between herself and the readers of her blog, and The other aspect of her blog’s name, “silver” that represents her wisdom. (I completely agree.)

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