It is confusing and judging when people think of giver and taker. Giver can be considered as the benevolent or the one who plan to get his return. The taker can be considered as the selfish or the one who is needed by the benevolent. You could differentiate by seeing how they deal with their emptiness in their heart.

If all are takers , who will be the giver?

The takers are usually looked as the selfish. They don’t know when they should be enough because they cannot realise and be appreciate don what they have had so far. Actually, they ignore them unconsciously. They think that they always have what they have. That is the truth, and it is unnecessary to remember it. Thus, the taker is always hungry for other things that they don’t have. They keep seeking things and people even love from outside. It is like you are finding pencil while it is being attached on your ear. Only the bad taker will be unconscious. Only the conscious takers are able to understand that they are needed for the benevolent giver who “have to” share. In the other word, they will take only if someone ”shares”.

If all are givers, who will be the taker?

It is not the stupid reason the the selfish taker could raise against people. The one who give not because he has everything but because he once feels having nothing. The giver is always appreciated on what they have had so far no matter how many they have. They always realize what they have or not have. They can give only when they have. They just share it without reason , expectation or the one who teaches him to do so. That is unnecessary. Actually, they “have to” share. They become so sensitive that they cannot hold what they have any longer. 

The difference between the good giver and bad giver, the bad taker and good taker is “consciousness”. if you see the selfish, please don’t blame their selfishness. Help them realise what they have had so far. Of course,  this include the bad giver who always expects return. He has no different from the bad taker.


Written by Jade the Mystic

The psychology and mindfulness writer helping you leverage your mind, understand life, reduce stress, relax and learn to heal your body and soul with meditation through life quotes, articles, books, speeches and advises.


  1. Would it not be an interesting challenge to have everyone practice loving kindness giving,

    Giving without regard for reward.

    When they hook the monks up to Functional MRI’s and piped in babies screaming, the reaction startled the scientists.

    They predicted babies crying would disrupt the minks focus, concentration and be agitatived.

    Their compassion centres, altruist concern for those suffering was the reaction.


    1. Very great comment of yours. Yes, it can practice but don’t through any rules.
      You don’t need rules to practice or force children to give and share.
      As I explained, if they have been already kind, there is no need for rules or even practice anymore.

      Thank you so much for sharing your idea. ; )


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