Questions against Religion

Last week, there was the huge arguments on the final examination that one of the Thai students answers. This has been shared widely on the Facebook. The beginning is that there was the professor commented that if Thai student thinks like this, Thai Society should be worried, and he was criticised so hard because his comment reflect his narrowed mind toward the children’s thinking.

Let me tell you the questions in the exam.

What is Religion?

Religion, for me, it is just the belief that human imagines

There are no mystics really founding their own religions. The only one rule of them is “don’t be against the nature.”

What is the benefit of religion?

To turn people to have the same belief so that what you do is right.

Another benefit is to create war.

(Laugh) If this child comes up with this answer by himself, he is good. That could reflect how egocentric of the religious people. You could see the fear inside them. They feel so uncertain whether what they are doing is really correct. War is the by-product of this fear. 

What is the moral principle that you can attach and how you can apply it for your daily life?


I know that religion is unnecessary if science can replace it. However not exactly that there is no benefit of religion. It could be just the hypothesis (for science) but if you keep blaming on the religion, you boost your own ego. Why don’t you stop blaming religion and prove it through meditation?

Be responsible on your own journey of inner being.

Don’t kill: but finally you eat meat.

Don’t sex: but finally you have to

Don’t lie: What is lie?

Don’t drink alcohol: so why did you produce it?

These ideas are from 5 perceptions from Buddhism. They are the very basic rules for Buddhist who aren’t the religious and monks.

Before I go more deeply, I would like to tell you that if you are able to realize your life and surrounding, these rules are unnecessary. Let say I set this rule “Don’t open the air condition”. If you feel cold, you shall not open it. Why is my rule so necessary?

Don’t kill: If you compassionate animal’s life, why do you kill them?

Don’t sex: Sex is the way to release your energy. The point is that the energy for sex is the same energy for other activities, so you could transform the sexual energy to daily work or even meditation. To be biological, the semen of male will be pulled back for other cells for you didn’t release it.

Don’t lie: 10 score of his answer! What is lie? For me, lie is something that you have to remember all of your life. It is the burden. If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember and live your live with confidence.

Don’t drink: Strike again for his answer because alcohol is always needed but it is not the point. Alcohol turns you unconscious. However, even if you don’t drink, you didn’t live your life as long as you are unconscious.

What do you think about these questions? Of course I have mine but I don’t want to waste my time to argue with those people. You shall be loser if you argue with throne who has already had the answer no matter it is right or wrong.

I as well as some nice followers have already explained this so clear.

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  1. Hmm, pretty interesting! I guess everybody has their own position towards religion. Mine simply is that religion is not invented by God but by men who tried to define God. I don’t think the idea of religion is basically bad – only what mankind makes of it.
    Your statement about sex is the first point I personally disagree. I had a weird relationship with sex until I started to respect myself and cherish the body I was given for this lifetime. Since I live my sexuality as anaturally given part ot this physical life I feel myself more, I respect myself more and I care more about myself. Also through sexuality I got in the deepest connection with myself – similar to meditation (but with the fun factor). Whatever this body contains is God given. But this is only how I feel it.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I completely agree! As long as we are in tune with nature we are full of respect and love. That’s all we need to be. I’ll check out your post. Btw. don’t get me wrong I totally believe that if you stop one thing there is more room for another. But not everybody needs to quit the same thing. 😉

        Liked by 1 person

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