Clear Understanding to Appreciate Yourself More

There are no happy people asking themselves “why they are happy?” This question will be asked only among the unhappy people. When they face suffering, they will ask themselves “why am I unhappy?” but when they are happy, no one cares those questions. I am just happy. That is because

we realize those nonsense questions

only when we face problems.

There will be something wrong both inside and outside you. Something that we have ignore so far because it is normal. The sun always rises from the east and falls to the west. The moon always appear in the dark night. That is normal. However, the world would be in danger if the sun and moon vanish but when they exist, you completely don’t care. This will happen to the egocentric people who always think that it is normal for everyone to serve them everything they need. Certainly, they will be uncomfortable when things disappear.


why don’t you realise the existence of all things

even if they exist properly?

Meditation helps you in this time. Simply, just start from your breathe. When you breathe in and out properly, you completely forget it when you spend your daily life to your work and study. When you got cold, you usually look to your breathe. Thus, meditate. Watch how the air passing your nose in and out slowly and deeply. Put the witness to your breathe as the source of life, and the quality of life belongs to you.

You could say that it is the result of meditation when you finally realise the existence of all things. They are all apart. They are physically looked separated. However, when you realise that all things are interdependent. You could feel appreciated just through your own breathe. You are alive because of love, food and whatever help you sustain your life. Those can also exist because of others. It is like the marvellous chain. Who knows, you could even link to the one you hate.

All things are worthwhile to appreciated.

Meditation will help you in this way. There are really lot of things you could learn through meditation. So much that books around us are no longer needed. Remember, you are the best laboratory. You go on meditation. When you come out of this mysterious journey, you will come up with the new lessons. Yes, these lessons were found by many mystics, Bhddha, Jesus, Lao Tsu and so on. They told these lessons to the world but you will not really understand what they told until you start your own journey.


  1. I like that you brought up the topic of only recognizing things when they are out of balance. Also we only start to name situations a problem when it throws us out of balance. As long as things are going well, all is well. Feeling bad or rubbed by something or someone only shows what we have to work on whithin ourselves. Acutally I repeat what you say. I like your post, Jade, as always!

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