Clear Explanation on Life Journey

Ego “was” necessary when we were babies. It was like the natural protection to help us survive. See, after we were born, we could not find food and walk. We needed our parents to serve us as if we were emperors. Everyone misunderstood that everything exists for them. However, when they grow up, this protection is no longer needed anymore. The time to welcome more things comes. Ego turns barriers to allow them coming to you. The people attached to their ego is immature. They still needed this shell to protect their “fear”.

The more you protect yourself, the more you won’t live your life

Meditation could be “medicine” for our being. When you meditate, you relax. In the other word, you allow more things happening to you like the pipe. Listen to everything around us including your own thoughts and feeling. Whatever come, welcome them. There is no need to classify what is good and what is bad. There is no such thing as “good” and “bad”. Like Oscar Wilde said, “it is absurd to tell people good and bad. There are only the interesting people and boring one”. The interesting people will dance and sing with other harmoniously.

You could not enjoy the world

if you still shut yourself inside your home. 

It might surprise you why meditation will help us go “outside”. It sounds paradoxical. You always heard that meditation is the journey “inside” your own being. No, this is not nonsense. It is the truth. You could find that not all paradoxes are true but all truths are paradoxes. The real mediation happens when you can dance outside when you don’t forget inside. You can interact with  people wonderfully while you are watching your thoughts and feelings. That is miracle.

You can dance outside without losing insights inside.

This could reflect you the personality psychology concept about being introvert and extrovert. I suggest that people should be both introvert and extrovert. (and there is no such thing as the extremely introvert and extremely extrovert) The introvert problem is that they don’t want to feel fatigue if they go outside. More and more people can drain their life energy so fast. However, it is just like you have your life but you don’t spend it.

The extrovert will face the opposite trouble. Of course, they will have much more energy when they are with many people but they could lose themselves among them. They completely forgot the truth inside themselves, which I will explained next post. Stay tuned.


  1. When we understand our inner world we come to know the outer world. In the end we want to create the outer world. That way we need both in harmony – just some thoughts you inspired me to while reading your wonderful post, Jade!


  2. This was excellent. I always say I am an extroverted introvert! Thank you Jade. I find that reading you daily helps me on my way. My meditation is doing better. I am just letting those thoughts come, and then letting them go. 🙂

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