3 Lessons You could Learn During Meditation

Mediation is not the knowledge but knowing. Meditation is not something that you can practice. You don’t even need to practice because to meditate, you just relax. It is absorb that you need someone to train you relax, so meditation could be neither science and art. However, you can find so many lessons from meditation. Let me me share some.

Listen to everything

That is what you should know when you begin meditate. When you close the eyes, of course, you will hear better, taste better, smell better and feel better. That could be considered as the problem because you misunderstood that there must be no sounds during meditation. When you hear whatever, you would be irritated. That is not meditation. You just relax. Open. Welcome everything tour being. Let them pass through you even the singing of birds.

Whatever you do, do it consciously

That is the way to enjoy life, and allow other to do. Here is the easy example, if you eat food too fast that you cannot sense its taste or even you don’t even know what you are doing, so you may ask for more dishes and end up with being fat. That will happen because of your unreal desire which your real body cannot

You have never owned your body

This is my own experience. I meditate on the mountain in Chanthaburi, Thailand. There were some flies on “me” and I felt irritated. I couldn’t keep clam and stay still. I wanted them to get out of my way. I hated them. Time flied. I meditated better. When they came and laid on me, it was not my business. I could detach my body. They laid on it but they didn’t laid on my being. My body is just the element that I didn’t own it at first. Of course, your body is necessary for survival protection from danger but if you too attach on your body and everything, you yourself will suffer. Detach now.

With meditation, I could confirm that “the answer is always in you”. There are much more lessons you could find within yourself. These are what I individually have found. I will not ask you to believe me. You have to go meditation and learn by yourself. That is they way to intelligence, to experience tether than believe in any words from others.


  1. for me meditation is going within to an unknown to discover it untroubled by what is happening externally, allowing all the disturbances but transcending them, not refusing them, till the external no longer matters when you try to seek the internal and the internal then arises supreme and despite the external and you begin to grasp that internal’s essence and sing and dance with it joining as one with it, your external to your internal – then when your internal is realized or glimpsed it overpowers your external and you become an internal in the external rather than an external in the internal.

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    1. What a insightful comment. Yes, it is the journey to the unknown. To meet the answer inside our being that we have ignored so far. Thank you very much. You always put the thought so well. I sincerely appreciated. :))


  2. The nature of the internal is beyond grasp – a quote from the Gita explains this:

    ”Some look upon the Self (Soul) as a marvel, as a marvel another speaks of it and as a wonder another hears of it but though all hear of it none know it.”

    The most difficult exercise is to know the internal – ultimately you can become it but not with knowledge or thought.

    experiencing it can mean seeing lights, hearing sounds, experiencing beauty, truth, and consciousness without explanations or analysis.

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    1. Dont waste life to analyse. Breaking something smaller may help us understand but it will not help us to see the whole. The whole is vital. One is vital. Just do not forget this otherwise ego could rise. Meditation will help us to experience the whole by creating space 🙂


  3. one should never ignore the insight of those who have gone before – sages and scriptures teach more than we can ever individually experience – that is not a waste in analysis – if one thinks so, I’m afraid one gives in to ones ego.

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  4. I am starting to understand meditation better from your words, “When they came and laid on me, it was not my business. I could detach my body. They laid on it but they didn’t laid on my being. My body is just the element that I didn’t own it at first.” The fly example was so good for me to understand. I will keep working on my meditation. It is the relaxing that I struggle with. Quiet the mind and breathe. Thank you for such a great example for me to understand.

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