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So, it is the time I would like to announce to the comment from posts in this blog, and please allow me to express my appreciation on it  one from this post, “Why Awareness is the Best to Deal with Subconscious Mind?”


In Buddhas Brain Rick Hanson explains “Who am I?” Has no subject. We create the ego,out of past memories, what we think of ours lives and especially what others think and how they treat us. From this conglomeration we create “I”. And then turn around and follow it, elevate him to admiral. When I was healing and finally stopped avoiding, running from anxiety and fear,the ego turned to enticing me. He does not care how he gets us to,leave this moment dissociation and thought are his tools of power

by Marty

and I would like to say that

When we referred ourselves “I”,
we haven’t been what we are condition
since we were born.

Thank you and I wish to see your insightful comments.

Marty is the writer for daily support of complex PTSD.  He explained that our attitudes and daily effort will determine our misery or happiness going forward.  Healing is possible and likely if you do the work.  You have to believe you can heal and practice that belief daily.  Daily short posts, ideas, facts and inspiration are the goals I strive to bring forward.

Please visit his blog on


Written by Jade the Mystic

The psychology and mindfulness writer helping you leverage your mind, understand life, reduce stress, relax and learn to heal your body and soul with meditation through life quotes, articles, books, speeches and advises.


    1. My bad typing: When we referred ourselves “I”, we haven’t been what we are “conditioned”

      Let me explain through my story.
      I went to the bookstore in the shopping mall in Bangkok. I entered to the elevator, and found the man who keep pushing the lift button instead of holding it. In spite of being Thai, I just told him in English (thinking out loud) “just hold it.”….Then, he threw me bad Thai words.

      At first, my anger rose. However, later I turned to realise that I just spoke English. He may think that I am the foreigner, so why should I be angry? Now for him I wasn’t “Thai”, that was why I smiled back (and that made him more angry).

      Can you see the point of the story? If I still “attached” myself as “Thai”. which the school and government keep telling me who I am, “I” must be angry as Thai. It is nothing about my true self which society tries to “condition” (teach/assume or whatever). Then, the word “I” is no loger related to my true self inside but the status and role that society tells you.

      Throw the idea of nationality, race, religion behind. Those are the condition that society tries to “mask” you, and be yourself.

      Wish this could answer your question. Thank you. ; )

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