3 Quotes that Could Make Your Life Fail!

There are quotes that inspire and surprise people but not these following.

From “Impossible” to “I’m possible”

The one who invents this thought would like to tell you that everything is possible if you believe and take action. So inspiring. Yes, everything possible. However, this is one of the bad thoughts in my opinion. What did you really see in this sentence? “I am possible” It implies that “only you” that can make anything happen. This is dangerous when it is unconsciously misinterpreted as you have to do everything. No, that sounds egocentric. You are not the centre of this universe. (I am thinking of Tony Stark, the Iron Man). No, the truth is that it is already possible no matter you exist or not. The sun can shine without your action. The ocean can wave without your action. Let me change from ”I’m possible” to


The one who has no dream is the one who was dead.

This is what the gurus keep telling you. If you have dream, do not let it go. Hold it tight, and take action. Wow, so inspiring again but sorry…..the truth is so simple. If you have dream, it means you haven’t woke up. Simple right. Let’s imagine that all people dream to become the president or the king. Problem is there will be the only one who will be the king. The failure will keep dreaming of course. The interesting point is the one who have been able to be the king. He will be never satisfied as king. After being the king, instead of waking up and enjoy, he dreams the new one…again and again….even afterlife.  He has never woke up, so let me change this quote a little bit

“The one who has dream is the one who was dead.”

Fake it until you make it

Another quote which i heard from TED talk. The speaker told us to believe that you are already who you want to be. If you would like to be the millionaire, you already are.  If you would like to be the superstar, you already are. Then you just do what who you want to be should do and not do. Finally, you become. I see the speaker point. i know well that everything happens twice. One does in your mind. Second does in front of your eyes. However, you are already be yourself. Simple, if you become other, who will be you? It is like there are two houses, yours and another’s. If you want to live in his or hers, who will live in yours? You have to be responsible in being yourself. This is the only way you can enjoy yourself. Then, you don’t have to fake to be anything. You just do whatever you want, so allow me tell you

“Make it so that you don’t have to fake it”

Before you feel impressed to any quotes, think in the different way first.

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