How do you sure that you are really intelligent?

To be mature, accepted and free from any problems, everyone has to be intelligent. however, I will not suggest to compare to other. If you compare to the inferior, you will be smart. If you compare to the superior, you will be dumb. Comparison will not be about your intelligence but your ego. Thus, here are the suggested points to honestly check your intelligence.

Do not believe in anythings from any books or anybody

The people, who claimed omniscient, are actually stupid. They know every answers no matter what the questions are, so they cannot learn more and grow up. When things cannot grow up, they are deadly. These answers can come from beliefs and any assumptions.

Therefore, experience what people or books tell you first, then you don’t have to believe it since you have already known and don’t have to memorise it.

Be aware of yourself in every situation 

so you will realise that you have so many solutions to your problems. Imagine that your father and your mother are in the devil’s hands. The devil suggests the painful decision that you can save the only one life and you have to choose! Sure, you will be uglily silent since you love both.

If you are not aware of yourself, there is only one”choice for you which is to choosing your father or your mother. However, if you aware of yourself, you will know another choice which is to choose no one! If you don’t choose, they will be alive and freedom is yours.

Strengthen what you have been already good at

You can do the multiple intelligence quiz, career test or even personality test to clarify what you are doing well like visualising, playing musics, competing sport, socialisation, communicating or understanding yourself.

Schedule to practice them so that you will feel grow up. Do not waste time and energy to improve your weakness since you cannot be perfect in everything. Although you can, you will lose your self in the end.

Just be conscious in every situation, experience things before you believe in anybody and practice your skills you are efficient at. That’s when you are intelligent and grow up to solve any problems wisely and happily.


  1. well put – for me intelligence consists not in expertise, good reflexes, sharp instincts, ability, resolution of problems, success, domination, strength, shrewdness and cunning, strategy and planning etc
    these are available to animals with hardly any cerebral cortex
    ‘intelligence’ in the main is intense curiosity and quest to know what one does not – admiration of nature and the cosmos – gazing at the stars – wondering – poetic inspiration – spiritual insight – scientific skepticism – awareness of beauty – compassion and sacrificial abilities – creativity.

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  2. sorry – life is far from being purposeless – the purpose is evolution – biological, scientific, philosophical, humanistic, intellectual, technological and spiritual – it becomes purpose fulfilled ( rather than purposelessness) when the physical entity that lives ascends to the level of the spirit that inhabits it ( the soul ) and matches it, like in the case of a Gandhi, a Christ or any prophet or evolved being – and then the spirit casts away the bodily vehicle that has served the purpose of its ( the physical entity’s) evolution and the soul is released from its arduous assignment to help matter evolve, returning to the source from which it came – the soul is already perfect and requires no evolution..

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    1. Many points, so from your view, life is to evolve. In that case, it’s fine. The purpose of life is to evolve. It is needed to survive. I agree that the body is the temple of the soul. Human evolves to adapt body suitably overtime so that the soul can stay.

      but I think Gandhi is not the good example. (and he is the good example that life should be purposeless) For his life, he suppressed many things including sexual energy inside himself, and that needed violation even if he came up with compassion so many times.

      You could see the ego in his word like “In the genteel way, you can shake the world”.. No, in my opinion, we don’t need any earthquakes anymore. The world can shake itself without any actions.

      If the purpose of life is like to shake the world, it is not worthy to achieve. In this case, life should be purposeless. Let your life relax. Give time for the soul calmly to stay inside your body.

      Thank you so much for your insight that helps me see another side of life. I really appreciate. :))

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  3. when you give up something like in renunciation you gain a perspective untrammeled by the desires – then without the physical static noises you may get a glimpse of spirit which is asexual – Gandhi’s experiment with truth was like that as too Christ’s – that is what i mean.


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