3 Lessons from George Bernard Shaw’s Quote

Life is not about finding yourself but it is about creating yourself

Let’s see the different point of view to get the valuable lessons

Life is not finding yourself

I guess that Shaw would like to change the mindset of people. I heard so many times from many people that they would like to find themselves and do what they really love. Sounds nice but he would like to give them his correct mindset about self. From my point of view, there is no need for finding yourself. Plus, you will fail when you find yourself outside. It is like you would like to find your pencil outside when it is attached with your ear! Same for your self. You forget it, so you simply find inside your being. Realise what you can do and remember it.

but Life is not creating yourself neither

In the point of Shaw’s view, if you cannot your self, you create it instead. Don’t waste your time finding it. What a bad idea in my opinion. Did you recall the reason that you find yourself? It is because you totally forgot your self. It has already existed within you no matter you forgot or remember it. Thus, if you create another self, it will against the one inside you, the natural one. Finally, the self that you create will be unable to exist. The real one will stay to the last. The fake one will disappear. If you were attached to it, you will suffer, and I and the one who would not like to see you unhappy.

Life is being yourself

Lion cannot give up on being lion.

Tiger cannot give up on being tiger.

Bird cannot give up on being bird.

Fish cannot give up on being fish.

You cannot give up being yourself also. When there is someone cheering you up not to give up, it means “be yourself”. if you try either to find or create another self, you fail. No one can be you except yourself. be proud of yourself. Even the genius like Albert Einstein cannot be you! (Laugh) You are so unique that no one will be born exactly like you even you pass away.

Let me replace George Bernard Shaw’s quote with Oscar Wilde’s

Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.


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