3 Best Reasons You Don’t Need Nobel Prize

Actually, you don’t need every kind of prize in this world. I believe that everyone wants to be recognised but I would like to clarify the misconceptions on the existence of award.

It will kill your creativity

What happen if you have already won the award. For the next masterpiece you are going to create, you could expect that it will satisfy others. That is that cause of failure. Works that weren’t born from your true self will fail. No matter how great it meets others’ expectation.  Awards have been misinterpreted as the perfection. When the next work that you try to perfect, it will be ugly. Thus, if you created something new that no one compliment it, congratulation. It will be so new that no one in this time understands it but it will be understood in your creativity in the next generation.

It will not be able to satisfy you

If you work because you want reward like money, badges, certificate or whatever that can blink people’s eyes, you will also fail. It would be considered by the society as success but you will no longer satisfy. That is what Henry Ford found. When you feel successful, you feel the deadlock. You cannot go further because your works have been already perfect. There is no works even your next one can beat them. Of course, if you fail to create the next big thing (sounds familiar?), it will inferior to the successful one. You cannot go further yet you cannot fail. That is why he said “stop at wherever you are!”

Your masterpiece is still not acknowledged

How many people are going to find what the winners have done so far. Very few. They are the co-worker or the watcher along the way the winners achieved. However, after they become famous, are more people going to find their masterpiece literature or find more what they have been discovered? Then, they will be invited to show up on the big event or seminars just because they achieve the award not because their masterpiece. Is this the way to recognise your work? The award is about nothing about your work. It is just the child’s play.

These are the reasons you should refuse any awards that come to you. However, if that award help your work to be understood by more and more people. That is great. At least, it helps encourage people find more what the success has really created in detail. Remember,

It is not the award that makes you happy                                              but it is what you are doing with the state of flow that will.

Written by Jade the Mystic

The psychology and mindfulness writer helping you leverage your mind, understand life, reduce stress, relax and learn to heal your body and soul with meditation through life quotes, articles, books, speeches and advises.


  1. Awards are a difficult thing since they can nurture the ego. I think they are not basically a bad invention. They can just show us if we are on the track we planned to be. They can serve as a section check. We only have to be careful to not identify with them or as you wrote to not only make them the goal of our efforts.

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