3 Reasons Why Psychotherapy Doesn’t Work

There are so many situations we have passed. Good one. Bad one. Neutral One. Unfortunately, most people didn’t really response to those situations. They interpret them with their own ignorance, unable to perceive them as they are. That is the cause of any suffering. Then, what will they do after that? They would like to forget it.

However, no one can forget it. That is how mind works. All experiences cannot be forgotten. Your mind is the greatest biocomputer in your head. Actually, it is far greater and lighter than your smartphone. Your brain just needs only 12 Volt to function. Do not say that you cannot remember them. You can but you may not be able to recall or retrieve it.

It is invisible but doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist

Like I have been explained clearly in this post about subconscious mind here, people always carelessly repress the bad experience in it. However, it will cause you the problem in the very wrong time.

That is when psychotherapy comes to help you. To help you re-experience and understand it in the right way. The psychotherapist will ask you to lay yourself down in front of him so that you feel relax and tell him your problem as if you and him have been intimidated to him. You can tell any secret to him, a stranger. By laying yourself down, you will be treated nicely. He will talk with you as the therapy. First, he listens to you. Of course, everyone would like someone to listen to them. That is the basic “technique” that helps them better. Listening with attention helps them feel important like they finally found someone who understand them.

Then, psycho therapist will talk with you to help you understand your problem.  It is the talk therapy. After that, you feel mentally better.

Psychology is classified as the science. That is the problem since scientist thinks that “mind” must be “solved” by “mind”. Let me explain why mind of person, solving and mind of therapist are problematic.

Mind is the dangerous master and honest servant.

To be honest, no one was born with the insane mind. I love my mind. It helps me work in the different ways including writing right now. You cannot work without it. It also helps you deal with danger by warning and heating you up when it comes. You mind is totally fine “on the condition that you are conscious too.” Otherwise you cannot response situations with it. It will become the dangerous master if you totally lose yourself.

There is no need for solving or even healing mind.

And unfortunately, most people cannot keep themselves conscious. They set many rules, marketing tricks and traditional beliefs according to their minds that haven’t been witness. Those rules will be able to harm each other “Except” the conscious one. Yes, if you are totally aware of your mind, no matter it has been unconsciously polluted by the society so long, you can go beyond it without any therapist!

You don’t need mind of therapist.

In the other word, you have to responsible to yourself otherwise psychotherapists still exist. They have never been unemployed as long as people are still unconscious. Many mental treatments follows the logic “mind must be solved by mind”. However, you can go beyond it with your own awareness and save much more money for the psychotherapy. 

And it is your choice whether you would like to solve your mind with the others’ mind or you only can transcend it. Meditation helps. You just straight you back and relax. It will not allow blood go to your brain easily. It facilitate you to go to the state of no-mind. Remember,

Psychology is the  about the state of mind.

Meditation is about the state of no-mind. 


  1. “Psychology is about the state of mind. Meditation is about the state of no mind.” Yes, very wise. So psychology represents one side of duality, and meditation represents the opposite side, would you agree? Do you think there is a way to merge the two sides into some kind of “psycho-meditation?” In other words, is there a way to use the mind to guide one to the no-mind? I would love to hear your perspective. – Aaron

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    1. Mind can be used not only for working in daily life but also for understanding itself also.

      Let me give you the example,

      When you meditate, there is nothing at first. Then thoughts visits you, and then…they disappear unreasonably only if you are the witness on them.

      Thoughts always come and go..come and go..come and go…

      This is mind

      Then You can derive this some phenomenon to be the your life lesson…

      Deprivation is normal for lives.

      This is what you finally learn by your own. Your understand your mind. Then you learn from it.

      And once there are more and more people and lovely things go away from you….instead of being sorrowful, you can be beyond the sadness.

      That is the meditation. You finally go beyond the nature of mind.

      Your question is so inspiring. Thank you so much.

      Jade the Mystic

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  2. Hi there,

    I agree psychotherapy sometimes doesn’t work, and therapy is not useful for everyone, but I like to stay away from absolute statements. Maybe for just a very few psychotherapy can be a gateway to experiencing life for what it is and accepting it as it comes. I know it has done this for me, I am a planner and can be a control freak. One day I admitted to my therapist that I had come to therapy already anticipating what the lesson I learned would be. She challenged me to come and experience therapy and be in the moment. This was helpful to me because at that point in my life I felt like I had no where I can just be, without expectations to give or take. This reminds me as a practicing therapist to do the same for my clients.

    Intriguing post 🙂

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    1. It is helpful for you and others as well. I agree. My opinion. Psychology is still needed just to understand our mind, and any therapy is needed to help you understand yourself more.

      (Once one can understand your mind, one can transcend it ;))

      But please beware that the (unnecessary) existence of psychologists could make you dependent. One cannot always meet them whenever s/he has the problem otherwise immaturity comes.

      If you would like to feel mentally better, they could help you of course I agree. But please don’t rely on them more so that you can be strong by yourself.

      In the other word, the best psychologist is the one who willingly tells you “don’t come back to me again whenever you have the problem”

      Thank you so much for your sincere and thoughtful comment.

      May the strength be with you
      Jade the Mystic

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