5 Posts you can learn more on mindfulness

Mindfulness is very interesting, and I would like to review it for this week. You are the only one who has to be responsible for your mind not things or people who create situations. OK, let me give you 5 lessons from these posts.

Try something different, give attention to letting go

See more on, The mind can be used, wasted, with insignificant chatter,useless machinations practiced mindlessly!. Of course, we should do different things and do things differently because our mind loves repetition. The full has never been bored. The intelligent can be bored. Plus, being empty will allow you to be creative so that you can reach God, the creator. To be empty is to let things happens to you by their own. You are just the transmitter.

Silence is the ultimate truth

See more on, ZEN KOAN: A PHILOSOPHER ASKS BUDDHA. Silence brings the ultimate truth. It just help us to realise what we have forgotten so far. The nature of the truth is that we don’t bother ourselves to remember it, so we can ignore and forget it. For example, I am breathing. That is the truth but I could forget it to the busy egocentric world.  Silence will help me to realise this truth again.

Do everything consciously

That is how to live your life. See more on, Mindful Monday. Whenever you do things with your consciousness, your actions are real. Of course, you are real. That is the suitable for life which is always real. For example, if you eat slowly and gradually taste your food, the portion of meal is suitable for your body, You will be never get fat if you eat consciously.

Nothing is solid

See more on, WHY YOU SHOULD BE AWARE OF QUANTUM PHYSICS?. Quantum Physics will impact religions. However, it will take more time to fully prove them. Thus, we don’t have to wait for any scientists. We can be scientific through meditation. Incidentally, I have written the post as if it is the second episode of this post. Please check it out here.

I know one thing: that I know nothing

See more on, Freedom from the known. “Knowing nothing is to know something..”nothing.” Rejecting knowing, will bring greater knowing into our lives. More questions to ask and reply. For some that is “good.” To know that the duality of knowing and ignorance is there, means to learn to integrate one into the other. The child is appreciated for his innocence of not knowing, the adult for his knowing. It is all about timing and circumstances.” That is what Ahnanda replied to my comment and I really like it.

and these are the 5 posts that I would like to review for you. Hope you enjoy.


  1. Quantum physics is interesting especially when studied alaongside buddhism.
    Much of what the buddha describes seems to be supported by this modern field of study, particulary with regard to emptiness and non permanence.


    1. Yes, science and religion such as Buddhism can go together. Religion is needed as the hypothesis. When science can prove, it will disappear. Like I explained in the previous post, we don’t need to wait for science to prove it but “we” can prove religion by ourselves through meditation. ; )


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