3 Ways to KEEP CALM

This is the rule for psychologists. They are not allowed to be mad against people  (Laugh) because they must know the reasons why people behave those ways.

No, even if you aren’t psychologist, there is no need to heat yourself against others. You can even choose what you would like to response to them and situations. Here are simple ways to go.

Understand yourself

That is what you have to do first. Know your desire. Know your thought. Know your feeling. Know your actions. Keep asking “is that what you really want?” If the result of getting mad is not desirable, just knock it off. You will see that your mind tries to help you “in the wrong time”. It will create the desire that you have never wanted before. It is useful only when you are in danger. There is no goals that as important as to be survive! Your mind loves to create the short-term desire to survive. However, if it mixed with your ignorance, it will mess your life. Your lifetime is worthwhile. Spend if wisely every moment. 

Understand others

You must understand yourself first. At least, what you understand yourself could help you understand others also. For example, in my case a decade ago, I was bullied by friends, and I finally found that both they and I were depressed and poor. I didn’t want to be threatened.  That is what I understand myself. They didn’t want to be done also, so they abuse me to protect themselves. That is what I understand them thanks to what I understand myself. We share the same feeling. You can also understand others by putting yourself into their situations so that you get their feelings and choices they have.

Be the witness of the situations

That is the last step and I strongly recommend. You are the witness of the situation that you involve with others. In the other words, you are creating the space between you and your own situations. That will help you see things more clearly. You will be able to understand more and more. Once you understand the situation, you could either compromise the madness or just leave the situation as it is since it will no longer bother your life anymore!

It is great if you can solve problems in your life but one has so many problems that you don’t have much time to solve them all, so why don’t you become no longer care about them and live your life more.


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