3 Simple Stages to Live Your Life in this World

It isn’t matter whether you live after death but it is matter if you live before death. There are so many things that are worthwhile to be appreciated, and there are so many different people that come into your life. That is life. You have to face both good and bad situations and people. Here are 3 simple stages of life that you could observe.

Emptiness in your life is the celebration not depression

There is no one in your home. This time was misinterpreted as sadness and fear. There is nobody to make you happy. You needs then to fulfil your heart. You don’t want to feel lonely anymore. Please don’t misinterpret the emptiness anymore. It is just like the plain paper. It is the great opportunity for you to create and draw things on it. It is the time for you to rest and tidy your heart to prepare for more new people in your life. This can explain God. All things exist thanks to the emptiness.

Welcome people to your life no matter how nice they are

There must be people come to your life as visitors. Please welcome them. Do not fear that they will mess your life in the future. People are good or bad, and you don’t know until you welcome them. If you don’t, you may be lucky that you have no trouble but you will miss the great people. When they come, please dance together, sing together, play together and celebrate life together. They come to color your life, and you can color theirs also.

When people leave you, say goodbye with appreciation

The party is over. Now they have to go back to their own homes. At least, they must be deprived from you by death. Don’t hold them back just because you don’t want to feel empty. You want to be with them longer but death has never listened to your stupid request. Thus, why don’t you say thank you to them for the great moment you have together. Let them return to their emptiness. Let yourself does also. Death will help you guys rest for the new celebration.

Think again, you can be also the visitor to this world and as visitor, you have to leave this world.

Death will refuse your idiot request to live longer to celebrate life but it will honestly promise you for the next opportunity to celebrate life again.


  1. This is what we call “going with the flow”. Wonderfully explained – so comforting and motivating. I love the part: All things exist thanks to the emptiness. It is like with silence. Without silence we would not hear anything since every sound appears from silence and silence is the space between sound.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Real communication happens in silence.
      Thanks to silence, we can start conversation.
      If there is the conversation already, we don’t need another one but just enjoy the current one until it’s over.
      When it’s over, silence comes and this will be the beautiful cycle.

      I have been inspired by this concept because I know that there are much more people who has still feared emptiness. 🙂

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