4 Rules For Going Beyond Suffering

Everything was born in pair. Light and darkness. Clean and Dirty. God and Satan. To refuse one, you have to refuse the opposite. That is the rule of life. Therefore, to go beyond your suffering, you have to go beyond your happiness. That is the only way because the happiness that most people usually experience is relative. Here are 4 Noble Truth that you can simply apply to your life.

Figure out your suffering

Being at the very present is the best. You cannot end your suffering without knowing what it is even its existence otherwise it will be like finding needles under the ocean. Yes, you have to figure it out. Try to explain it, visualise it so that you can see your suffering. In the other word, you can be freed from your suffering, and you need your own awareness to do that. Remember, you have to figure it out by yourself.

See the cause of your suffering

When the suffering is finally in front of you, you will know what happen, things, people and factors that involve in the situation. Actually, there is the only one cause of the suffering. That is ego. It always create “desires” that tries to protect you from things and situations that keep dissatisfying you. If you can see how ego is related to your suffering, that is the next great step for you, congratulation.

No Suffering

Then, let see your goal, the moment that you are finally beyond the suffering. That implies that you finally transcend your mind also. Actually, I should not say that the state of no suffering is your goal because “goal” is still created from your desire. See the secretary of Buddha. After Buddha passed away, he failed to go beyond suffering since he still “wanted” to be the noble monk and enlighten. After he failed and put himself on his pillow, he enlightened!

Ways to end suffering

Last is the way to end suffering, and it always start from your thought then feeling, speaking and action. If you are always aware of your thoughts, freedom is yours because now you have too many choice to think about the situations that in front of you. Yes, you have so many choices to response. That is what I called “responsibility”. Just the ability to response not the ability to burden the rubbish mistakes on your shoulder.

These 4 rules were founded by Lord Buddha. However, it doesn’t sound religious. If you see how these rules are arranged, they stared from the effect before cause. The order of these rules would like to tell you that you have to live your life nowhere. I mean “now” and “here”, and you will be able to go beyond your sadness and dance your life.


  1. We need suffering in order to find out what we have to bring in balance. On imbalanced thing at a time. But as soon as we find out that mostly that is the reason for our suffering we will deal differently and more conscious. We stop identifying with lots of things and see them (also occuring emotions and feelings) as part of life but not of ourselves. A long way to go… 😉

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    1. This is the one of life paradoxes. Life is completed when there are both happiness and suffering. Life swings by them. Always.

      Point is we could life our life with appreciation. We can be joyful even in the little things. ; )

      Enjoy your life everyday
      Jade the Mystic

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  2. Thanks for your post about the concept about ways to end our suffering. It seems that there are many ideas about what exactly causes human suffering: you say that it is ego, I remember some prominent religious figure (Buddha?) saying that it is attachment…etc. etc. I think that the cause of suffering is more complicated than we think, but ego and attachment are definitely possible causes for it. An interesting statement that I heard from a meditation supervisor recently is that when we think too hard, we are able to find suffering because sadness and stress require a reason (or more). Happiness does not. I relate this to what you said here, about humans having a hard time easing their suffering because of their ego, because they are trying too hard. It’s fascinating to think about

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    1. Thank you for your dedicative comment. Yes, it is ego that is the cause. Desire, attachment, repetition … all are created by ego.

      People say they have to destroy ego to be happy but I don’t think so because ego is still needed to destroy something.

      The point about thinking is always misunderstood by one who begins meditation that they have to eliminate all thoughts. Again, ego still exists to eliminate something. No, we don’t need to do that. We just welcome them, notice their existence consciously.

      All thoughts are just like visitors. They won’t be in your home for long and they will disappear. Always.

      With meditation, we can learn so many life truth. It is just like we go inside the lab and come out of it with what we discover. The different is that meditators have their “being” as their laboratory.

      Sorry that my comment is long but your comment is really inspiring me to do it without reason. Maybe i enjoy it. 😀

      Thank you for your insightful comment as always.

      P.S. I come up with these truths because Buddha found it. However, many mystics did also (but they just explain in the very different versions. Luckily, I enjoy them all 😀 )


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