3 Best Lessons from Psychodrama: Voice Together

I am interested in Psychodrama. It is the way to understand ourselves effectively. if you could recall one of my posts that compares Psychodrama and meditation, Psychodrama helps you to crate the space between you, your though and your feelings so well. From this TED Talk, Jean Campbell told us that there are three main steps for PsychodramaL Warm-Up, Action, and Share.

These techniques don’t exist in any psychotherapies but they are just the drama techniques for actors and actress. However, they are used to understand the people’s mind and behaviours.

After I watched this awesome show, here are 3 best lessons from it.

Separate yourself clearly from your thoughts

Tony, the orange-shirted man was asked to sit on different chairs to “voice” his thoughts differently. On the left chair, he would like to fulfil himself with his career for his valuable goal, to help people. However, on the right chair, he felt financially unstable. If he followed his dream, what about his friend family to be cared? and it is amazing after Tony chose Michael, the white-shirted old man, and  Anne, the purple-shirted woman, to speak for both of Tony voices. He, at the centre chair, heard their different voices clearly. Now he understood how both voices try to tear him apart!

Understanding people’s heart is vital

In this show, you will see the doubling technique. People on the stage weren’t the actors but Michael and Anne were assigned to speak for Tony. That is the brilliant technique because they understood the Tony’s thoughts and feelings better and better. What’s more, Gina was asked to replaced Tony seat at the centre (the mirror technique) and then listen to Michael and Anne doubling voice. Now Gina become another one who understood the Tony’s situation. Understanding people’s heart is important so that we can compassionate and compromise rather than angry toward each other.

You are the best psychologist!

After the doubling and mirroring, Tony found his answer “by himself” that he should seal Anne’s voice behind. In my opinion, I don’t agree with him. (Seem more of my explanation here) but it is not my business anyway. What I feel so impressed is when he finally found that he can take care of his family by pursuing his valuable career! and more important, there is no one tell him the solution even Jean Campbell. Remember, the answer is always in you. There is no needs to find peoples and solutions outside you. Unnecessary.

First, you have to understand yourselves. Realize all of your thoughts. Separate them clearly that they are visible. You don’t even have to need Psychodrama. You are just with yourself. Talk to yourself until it is crystal clear that you understand yourself and others. Then, solutions will appear to you.

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