5 Essential Posts as Quick Guide to Meditation

Meditation sounds religious. It has been taught by monks, priests and many religious teachers. However, I finally found that meditation cannot be taught. It is not the technique. If there is one who would like to teach you how to meditate, tell him that he cannot meditate. The reason is that meditation is the non-doing. I know so well that everyone can do nothing but their minds won’t allow you to just stay still. Yes, you have to do anything. Your mind are thirsty for actions, more and more actions. Then, you forgot to do nothing. That is when egos begin. First, you “forgot”. Second, you keep finding something to do. If you are reading this, you are doing something. (Laugh)

So, if you would like to find any guide to meditate. First, stop reading this. I really mean it but if you would like to understand meditation, it is worthwhile to keep reading because in this post, I collect the posts that I wrote about meditation and it is my pleasure to review it here.

Little known way to meditation

(For more, click here.) 3 things you have to remember when you meditate. Relax, Watch and Perceive. Warning. Don’t get serious on it especially getting rid of any thoughts and becoming irritated. Please welcome them like the visitors during meditation. Thoughts come, stay and go. They are always like that, and you will finally found the ultimate truth that what Buddha, Jesus and many mystics found. “Everything always come, stay and go”

Get rid of stress and anxiety once and for all

(For more, click here.) In this topic, I explained more on relaxation which is one of the core elements in meditation. Whatever you do, do with total relaxation. Do with flow. Put down your fear. Surrender more, trust more and love more. Then, meditation comes to you. You don’t have to take any actions. They are unnecessary. Many things and situations can come without your actions.

Bring your life beyond time and space

(For more, click here.) I explain how meditation create space from your thoughts and feelings. There are so many times that e are the expert in solving the others’ problems but fail to solve ours. That is the intimacy problem, and that is why meditation is needed. When you have problem, meditate. Meditation is more than helping you see more and more solutions. It enables you to think again whether your problems are really problems. There are so many problems in your life and I confirm that you cannot solve them all. Watch, watch and watch what you have. Then you will be free from it like being timeless and spaceless.

The daily judgment day

(For more, click here.) Last element of meditation. See things as they are not we are. Avoid any judging in your life because hen reality doesn’t fit to your mental world, we turn depressed. That is why Judgment day is fearful. To be free from it, you must be responsible to every situation in front of you. Response it right here and right now, then there is no need for you to carry the rubbish past and nonsense words from society.

Have a real life with Vipassana meditation

(For more, click here.) Last post, I recommend Vipassana because it is simple. Remember, if you do anything simply, it is right. If you are doing something with stress, it is always wrong. Don’t waste your life doing the difficult things. These are what your ego loves. It loves challenges. You will be proud of achievement but you won’t be satisfied for long. Thus, you just watch your breath or belly. If you are the busy person, be mindful in everything you do. Do it slowly and watchfully.

You can check other posts for meditation. You must love them.


    1. There is the Zen story. Three friends saw the monk on the top of mountain. He was in front of the well. They would like to know what he was doing.

      The first one told that he was sleeping.
      The second one told that he was standing.
      The last one told that he was meditating.

      After they met the monk and ask him what he was really doing.

      He replied “He did nothing”

      ; )

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