5 Signs Telling that You Reach the State of Ecstasy

Everyone keeps working for money and the welfare to sustain their lives as well as their own families. Of course, being alive and convenient is important but I would like everyone to celebrate their lives through their works since they are the biggest part of life. I don’t expect all people to be the successful businessmen who become rich, retire themselves and enjoy life more. Life is the journey and goal itself, so why don’t you become happy before you reach any kinds of your New Year Resolutions. Here are the signs telling you that you are happy during working.

You are totally focused.

This is what happened to me during writing posts. What I focus is the screen and let my ideas come out along the piano songs. I even don’t know what I will write from now on but I can still write this for you, the lovely reader. However, this is still the state of mind. Concentration is the the attempt to put all of your physical and mental energy to the small hole like needle. Yet, you are still enjoy in what you are doing.

You feel a sense of serenity.

The best atmosphere for you to work playfully is silence. Yes, you can be happy only when you listen to nothing. In the other word, you are silent. If you observe carefully, the alphabets in the words “LISTEN” can be arranged into “SILENT”. Remember, the real communication happens in silence. Whenever you work, you should communicate with your own being inside.

You feel a sense of timelessness.

Time is just simply your emotion. What happen to your thought will affect you emotions also. When you are happy, you feel as if times flies so fast. When you are sad, you feel as lit times move so slow that it doesn’t move. The sense of timelessness will be clearer when your happiness grows up. Therefore, try to figure out the things or moments that can turn you happy especially the little ones. These will help you build the happiness as the base for the sense of timelessness.

You feel the clarity in you.

In the other words, there is no distractions during working as playing. To check whether you really enjoy your work, just work. If there is something that happens around you, you really don’t care but still “play” on your work. If yes, congratulation! That is what I feel right now. Then, after you have played for so long, its result will become visible beautifully. Remember, if you try to make your work perfect, it will be definitely not! This sounds paradoxical but many truths are always paradoxes.

You don’t care what others think of you and your work.

If you do something that just please others, you fall in hell. I could say this because I have experienced this by myself. Last year, I gave up on my job as the Thai language teacher for foreigners just to make the students and my parents happy. However, I found myself suffered from waking up too early and lonely during going to the language school. Thus, I quit and start this blog. It is just three months since I start it but I really love it especially myself. Please notice that before you are going to please others, serve yourself first. Sounds selfish? Yes, but I believe that you know the meaning of “enough” and then you can share leftover to other people.

Here is the idea from Mihaly Csikszentmihaly, the Hungarian positive psychologist. When you engage in an activity that we enjoy and that gives enough challenge to your skills, we become absorbed in that activity and teach “a state of flow” which is similar to the

“State of Estasy”, that is the moment you are outside yourself.

Congratulation, you have already become your own work.


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