3 Questions to be Happy Easily

Happy New Year 2015 everyone! Hope you enjoy your long holiday. Many people will go back to their office to continue their works. Feel so boring? that is because what you are working is not as chill as what you do during holiday.

However, you must be responsible for your life. You! Only you! Don’t turn your face anyone else. I do call you. Be aware of yourself that there are so many choice for your life. I won’t tell that your life is short. That is depended on how much you appreciate your life. Therefore, I will present you some ideas.

Why don’t you turn your work to be your play?

Yes, you can do it. If your work is not fun, it is time for you to make it fun because most of your life has been spent on working. If your work is not fun, you didn’t live your life. Actually, you don’t deserve life. I once face such a pain when I have to find ideas for blogging but last December, I finally find the secret of writing from Anette Pollner, the author of Monsoon Midnights, blogging is so fun! I open the piano music during typing without wording that my ideas are going to be right or wrong. I am typing this and it is so fun!!!

Why don’t you take a nap for a while?

Many people considered that taking a nap is the way of the lazy people and harmful health. However, I totally disagree with them. Nap is the one of the kinds of sleeping. It is necessary to boost our productivity. it will call the energy back after you had your delicious lunch. The best time for taking a nap is 1 – 3 pm. Just 20 minutes, it is the power nap making you fresh and productive especially in typing and playing music. (That is why I am so happy now! ; D )

Why don’t you feel appreciated on what you already have?

How many times in each day that you realise that you are breathing? No. Even I cannot for all day. That is because breathing is the truth for people who are alive. When one has somethings, he will completely forget them, and that is the beginning of ego that bring you suffering. Yes, after you forget them, you will feel that you have nothing and keep finding things and people more and more. Don’t be such a fool. Be conscious on what you already have. You could start with being  thankful to the air around you. I is your future breath. Then, comes to yourself, your beloved people and so on that you can be appreciated.

Be happy is so easy. I could say that the unhappy people are the ones who lose their consciousness. Please, let this year and next one be the conscious year. Cheers!

P.S. With Maxim piano music, this post is thought and typed within 20 minutes. So unbelievable for me who is non-native English!

Written by Jade the Mystic

The psychology and mindfulness writer helping you leverage your mind, understand life, reduce stress, relax and learn to heal your body and soul with meditation through life quotes, articles, books, speeches and advises.


  1. That nap suggestion – oh I feel ya buddy. my eyes buuurn during class sometimes and my lack of energy hampers my enthusiasm. Urgh. As for the other two, very very great points. I agree with you completely especially on the gratitude element


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